So while do know a lot about TI-BASIC, I think it's time for me to move on to better, faster games. And that can mean only 1 thing: learning Assembly for the CE. I've looked at the assembly in 28 days manual, and I got lost on the first lesson. What I want to specifically learn is how to:

    1.How to make a sprite routine
      a. For the Galaga fighter
      b. For the enemies

    2.How to handle movement with the arrow keys
      a.Only left and right arrow keys

    3.How to make a assembly program exit with the press of the [MODE] key.
    4. And how to use a key to shoot.

If I can learn these three things, I will be well on my way to becoming a Assembly programmer. And to creating a MUCH better Galaga program, because that is what I plan to use this for.

Question #1: How do I get a sprite like this to appear on the screen?
ooh. so you are programming for color calculators?
Yes, I am programming for color calculators, the CE specifically.
caleb1997 wrote:
I've looked at the assembly in 28 days manual, and I got lost on the first lesson.

The first and second days are mostly setup. You've already completed that. Make sure you are comfortable with the first week or so. Some of it will change for the +CE, but most of it is the same and is VERY important.

So..... I picked this up again, and I got lost on doing math to constants.

Could someone please tell me if I'm doing this right?


ld hl, ConstantSeven //loads the number seven into hl
ld hl, a

I think that this would put the number eight into register A, but I'm not sure.

EDIT: Hactar helped me out (thanks Hactar!). It sould be:

ld l, ConstantSeven
inc l
ld a,l
That doesn't even make sense. A few other ways to put 8 in A that make more sense than that second example and are valid code (unlike the first).

  ld a,8

  ld hl,7
  inc hl
  ld a,l

  ld a, 0F8h
The first two examples make sense, but what about the last one? What's 0F8h (I think it's hex for the number 7 or 8 )? and what does cpl mean?
I think a good hint would be to look up how the 'cpl' instruction works.

There is information on it here:
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