There is a griefer hole in the nether. I was looking for a portal, went up what looked like someones staircase, and fell in a hidden hole built over lava. There was nothing else in this staircase, clearly a trap. And I lost my elytra, plus much much more, but the rest i can replace. Is there any way of regaining these items? I haven't left the server since it happened if that helps.
I cannot speak for the admins, but are you able to get a picture of the hole you fell in + coords?

EDIT: Also, when did it happen?
If you're stuff burned, unfortunately you're probably going to have to start from the beginning. Once admins/mods have some time, I'm sure they can look into whoever made the hole.
I got some screenies, he showed me the trap:

55, 33, -49 (in the nether)

Basically, just north of the spawn portals
Yea its all gone. So mad i wasn't paying closer attention, but it was crafted to look just like a staircase.. Grrrrr. Bad Idea
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