Coming back to this yet again.

Just threw together a list of ore amounts, ran the old program vs the new program, and verified that the values between the two are correct. I now need to integrate the above code snippet KermM was so kind to provide, and integrate this back into the main project.

Hooray for a much better way of getting these scores!


Tried KermM's code suggestion, but it didn't work out so well:

And now for the new UI being showcased:

compared to

I made an error, clearly; the following is fixed. I accidentally reversed the latter two arguments to sub().

If X<8:Ans+" ORE
(Note that the backslash is only for SourceCoder / Tokens, not typing into the real calculator.)
I am liking that new UI tifreak. Looks like it will be a lot faster to punch in the scores of Abba matches. Though, in order to truly be useful, we need to get a few matches going in the near future.
Thanks, River! And we're supposed to have one this evening, got to prod Alex some more. If you want, I can throw this latest file your way.
That would be awesome. As for the event tonight, keep me posted. If anything, ping me in IRC and if I am available I will certainly join on in.
We had our first abba match in ages, which means I got to run a solid test on my abba calc program.

Have to say, I was able to calculate the scores of 6 people in the time it would have taken to do 1 with the old version. I'll be getting this update pushed to the public very soon. Smile

So, got this mostly worked out, just needs integrating into the main project.

Also, working on this showed a few bugs that I didn't catch in the color version, and those bugs have been patched. Glad I hadn't uploaded it, yet.
After ages of kind of putting this project off, they are completed!

84+ Version:

84+ CSE/CE version:

This -should- be the last update needed to these projects, unless in the future we get new ores in Minecraft for this to be updated.
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