I had two random thoughts, one was about infinity and the other was about sharing the former.

So: If I had ∞₁₀, and represent it by 999,999[...]99.999[...] (~overkill) and then represent ∞₁₆ by FFFFF[...]FFh (~OVER-overkill 0x5), the second will always be greater in terms of a definition based on normal, limited logic. However, both will be equivalent when the number of base increments* reaches ∞ (base whatever). Someone needs to stop storing gunpowder in my brain because my mind is blown yet again.

*For lack of better word, either 10^∞ or 16^∞.
Infinity isn't a number though. You can't represent it as anything other than ∞ Razz

One thing I have always found interesting is the concept of ∞/0. While this is undetermined form; technically the answer of ∞/0=∞ is larger than the original ∞. But this is invalid because you can't divide by 0. Anywho. Food for thought.
Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice!
Not all infinities have the same size - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleph_number
I agree, but also look at the "Continuum Hypothesis"
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