Do you think that I will stand a chance in this contest?
 83%  [ 20 ]
 16%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 24

I think i am going to be making my submission for the 84+CSE, since i can use the XlibC and Celtic hybrid basic libraries (but i might make it for the 84+SE or CE, i dont know yet...)
i am thinking about maybe doing a matching game, with different snowflakes as the things you have to match...
I made an icon for the program (that i havent actually started on yet) and i will edit this with a screenshot once the imgur app on my phone decides to cooperate ;P

I kinda got the cursor for selecting the cards done, except once I implemented the color change when you press enter it 2nd, the erasing got a bit funky...

This is how the movement/erasing should work:

I fixed the motion and added the sprite for the backs of all of the cards... The cursor box turns black momentarily when you press either enter or 2nd,
I like it man, keep going!
Yay! I have optimized what i have slightly, and the program now include an appvar, but that should be fine...

I am very happy that i learned how to use a For( loop, because that has been very useful!!!!!
I am implementing the checking of whether or not the cards match, and then responding accordingly! ;P
(would add a screenshot, but i currently dont have the means!)

The second column and row are not cooperating!!!!!

I fixed all of the stupid stuff and i am now done!!!!!!

there is a tiny glitch that means you can cheat to win... :/

The cheat is that if you click on the same card twice, it disappears as if you had clicked on it and its corresponding match
I was the second person to say no in your poll Razz However, you are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work Smile
Wow, this is looking really great! Have you created the images of the pairs yourself, or are that common ones?
Your little game is looking good! I love that you used some hybrid libs, it can really make a difference Smile
I don't know if I am allowed to mention code-related stuff since this is a competition, but I believe given the way you've programmed it, that your bug should be very straightforward to iron out Rolling Eyes
Okay, So the next keyword is 'present' (Due by Jan. 2)

So the choices of catagory that i have are
▪ Math/Science Utilities
▪ Graphics/Simulation
▪ Anything else

I dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe i will make this this for my TI-84+SE! ;P
Maybe do something in Axe...Having to do with the present, meaning right now in time Very Happy
I have decided to sit this week out, but i will definitely participate in the next two weeks! Very Happy
Okay, the keyword is Party...

I am excited because i am thinking that i can actually do something with this one! Yay!!
I am probably going to stick with the CSE as my platform because i have jsTIfied and SourceCoder for that calculator, but i cant currently access any CE emulation tools...

I am going to do a mystery party puzzle thingy
I am struggling with coming up with what i am going to do!!!!! Maybe a choose your own adventure type thing (that involves a party), or just a picture of a party (where you can look around) or something...
I am going to make a cupcake!!!!! Very Happy

Edit: It will have a flickering candle and a menu in the beginning where you can change the color of the wrapper and the icing and whether or not there are sprinkles

Edit: (again)

I have an icon and (sort of) a menu! Very Happy

I am done with everything except for the actual cupcake! ;P
All of the color change options look and function exactly the same as the icing option (except for the background and the reset defaults options)

current size: 2565 bytes (according to doorsCSE)

I have the candle flame animation good, now i just need to draw the cupcake! Very Happy

(its not actually that choppy looking...i think)
I am almost done! I just need to add 3 more sprinkles ;P

Okay, the next keyword is FREEZE... I am not sure what i am going to do... But i have to do something! Very Happy

My girlfriend is awesome!! She helped me think of the idea for this week AND last week! (she is awesome for other reasons too..) ;D
I am going to make a quiz program for the melting/freezing points of metals! (all of the 'normal' ones, so not technetium or any of the lanthanides/actinides) Very Happy

Actually, not a quiz, just a reference program ;P
This program is really simple, just drawing a box, and then reading data from an appvar ;P

I submitted my program to jonbush earlier, so i can officially stop worrying about the contest! (except to stress about whether or not i did good) ;D
This looks great, although I wonder why you need to redraw the header text all the times, while it keeps the same? Maybe just erase the inner part of the white box, and the elements text, and then redraw the nex one. Should work too, I think Smile
Yeah, i was just too lazy, and i have a bunch of other stuff to do, so i was trying to get this out of the way as soon as possible ;P
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