Hello everybody,
this is my first post here, so I hope I'm writing it in the right place. I would like to buy a nspire CAS calculator and there's just one thing I'd like to clear: the display readability of the nspire CX vs nspire "grayscale". The resolution is the same (320x240) and the screens seem to be the same size (3.5"). I've seen the nspire display and even if it's grayscale it's wonderful. On the other hand, obviously, the CX has a bright color display... So as you might have understood, I can't decide...

Thanks so much to all the people will help me out!
Happy new Year!!!!
What criteria are you comparing them on, or what are you looking for in each one?
Right now I'd like to compare them only from the display point of view.
From many pictures I could see, it seems to me that the display of the nspire (non CX) has an impressive definition (it almost reminds me my kindle ebook reader, which has a e-ink display), a superb readability. The CX display offers the same feeling?

Thanks for your kind reply!
No problem Stabum! The CX display is really good, and i like it's color screen better! Plus, you can get better games on it that are in color ;P
Pieman, running games on these machines is not exactly my main concerns... Smile
Search with Google some images of TI nspire touchpad... Don't they look great??? Rolling Eyes
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