So for the first week, keyword, "snow," I will be creating a skiing game. Basically, you will be flying down a ski hill, and have to dodge around slaloms and random snowballs, giving you a whiteout, or faceplant, depending on what I do. I'll be using scaled sprites for the slaloms, changing their x values when they reach the end of the screen, as well as incrementing the size of the sprites.

Anyways, we'll see what I can do with this.

Apparently I can do this:

(MateoC Scaling?)
This sounds great! Good luck!!!!! ;P
Thanks! So I've done some things and this is what I've done since scaling doesn't work the way I want it to Razz

    - Collision
    - Player Movement
    - Player Boundaries
    - Slalom Movement
    - Slalom Boundaries

    - Some sort of point system
    - Getting points
    - Highscores
    - A menu
    - MOAR SNOW!
    - If I have time, a store for characters

Any suggestions for a point system or anything else snow related are welcome!
I think the course shouldn't be the whole screen, but maybe like this:
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