Maybe you can help me?

I had to buy a fx-CG 20 for my son and now I'm really interested in programming it. But I find it quite cunbersome to type in the commands using the calculator itself. I'd prefer to do it on the computer using my preferred jEdit.

But for this I thin I'd need a full list of all the commands the calculator knows so I can create a syntax highlighter.

As you already have SourceCoder 3 which already can "compile" programs, I thought you might have this list and can share it?

Many thanks in advanceā€¦
Hello, I don't have a fx-CG 20 of my own, but I went looking around the web and found this,


(starts on page 8-51)
I hope this is what you were looking for.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
I hope this is what you were looking for.

Thanks a lot for your effort. The Problem with that is, that it shows the commands as diesplayed on the calculator's screen, not as they appear in a Text-file, which I can edit on the computer.

But I think I found a way how I can retrieve this, thanks to other posts here in the forum.
I now have the list of all 1785 possible byte combinations and how they are converted by the fx-CG 20 to text.

If anyone here thinks it's useful for you to have, please tell me where to post it.

P.S. The 1785 possible combinations can be reduced to 898 possible basic tokens + 0.
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