So I just got a new TI-84 Plus CE and when I first turned it on, the display read: Waiting...
Please install operating system now.
Press [clear] to erase all storage.

I need this for school and it's not working. None of my friends or anyone I know has one of these models. I don't have any other types of wires or such.
1) Download TI Connect CE here:

2) Download the TI-84+CE OS here:

Using TI Connect CE and a cable connected to your computer, send the TI-84+CE OS to your calculator. Also, welcome to Cemetech! Smile
oh, nevermind, i found a friend with the same model. i transferred the operating system, it's working fine now. thank you, though. now my problem is that the programs and my computer...? arent compatible so i cant transfer data to my calculator.
Try pushing the cable in harder. Early TI-84+CEs had stiff USB ports that made it difficult to get the connector to mate fully.
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