I have aTi 83 Premium CE, and when I try to install doors CS 7 or doors CSE 8, it say that it's not for my calculator.
It seems that my calculator is for France, so here is more details :

The exact translated error is :
"Not for you

Sorry. It seems that DoorsCSE.8ck was created for another calculator does not work on a TI-83 Premium CE -883C. We can't send it."

Thanks for help.
DoorsCS 7 is for the monochrome calcs, the TI-84+ series. DoorsCSE 8 is for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Kerm is currently busy with DoorsCE 9, which will be for the TI-84+CE and the TI-83+CE, so please wait until he finished it Smile
Does there is an alternate way to launch Sion app ?
Daxxas wrote:
Does there is an alternate way to launch Sion app ?
Can you link us to this Sion you speak of? The answer is Doors CE, as PT_ said, which is not yet publicly available.
Okay, it's "Ion" app and not sion app x) my bad Sad.

I've done some research, and by example, "Pokemon Topaze" need a " shell that can run Ion progs (like MirageOS or zStart)."

I've found "CelsiumOS" but idk if it's able to run Ion app, because I've tried and it didn't worked (what does it do so ?).

So i've searched MirageOS, but it looks like it's not for my Premium CE.

So it looks like there is alternative to Doors CE/CSE, but it's maybe not up to date.
The 83PCE / 84+CE so-called "shell" you're looking for is Cesium, which is open-source, and has been available for months Smile
I'm assuming you're talking about this game which will not work on the ti-83 premium CE. Cesium will not be able to run it, DoorsCE isn't out yet (and even when it will be, it won't be able to run it either) and as far as I know and there aren't any plans to make a mirageOS for the CE so you're out of luck with shells. Essentially, there is no way (besides rewriting the program from top to bottom, which is not an option) to run that exact game on a ti-83 premium CE. However, One thing to get your hopes up about is that there is currently work being done by a member to get a gameboy emulator working on the CE calcs, which would in theory allow you to convert the original ROM to a file you can play on your CE, and from what I've heard, it will be at a more playable speed than the emulator created for the ti-84 plus CSE. But that has not yet been released and I do not know when we can expect an initial release.
But will doors ce run on 83 pce or just 84 pce, and when do we expect to see it
DoorCE will run on both, and we don't know a releasing date. In my opinion, it will be released in about 2 months, but I'M NOT SURE!!!
Redston_1 wrote:
But will doors ce run on 83 pce or just 84 pce, and when do we expect to see it
Doors CE will run on the TI-83 Premium CE, the TI-84 Plus CE, and the TI-84 Plus CE-T. They're basically identical calculators, other than the testing LED and/or being allowed to run TI's exact math engine, and can run just about all the same BASIC and Assembly programs. No release date has been announced, but keep your eyes on Cemetech and follow this thread for updates: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11997
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