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so recently have been making art stuff using glitch / databending / datamoshing / whatever techniques (basically taking some base imagery and modifying it, algorithmically or randomly, to create something new) and was wondering if anybody else here has done stuff like this and has anything to share.

some of the techniques i use for this sort of thing:

- wave transforms (interpret an uncompressed image as sound data, apply sound transformations, and save as an image again)
- pixel sorting (rearrange fixed-width, edge detected, or user-defined intervals of pixels according to their hue, value, or whatever else)
- manually modifying jpeg quantisation tables
- encoding and decoding from lossy compression formats for controlled artefacting
- posterising and dithering with user-defined or auto generated limited colour palettes
- rendering 2d and 3d hybrid fractals and viewing them from interesting "positions"
- rendering 3d objects
- yoinking stock textures from random places, from pictures i took of random things, or algorithmically generating normalised textures from interesting base images
- fun ffmpeg tricks
- lots and lots and lots of gimp post-processing

there are loads more things (including gif / video stuff) over at https://shmibbles.me/art/. be warned, though, it's a pretty large page to load at the moment; have been adding things too quickly, and haven't restructured site to reflect the new amount of content yet.
Images don't work and website gives me a certificate error

well, it's whatever thing you have not being updated to work with letsencrypt yet, i guess. just replace with http?
I use the latest version of Chrome on Android, and if I use http it automatically changes the URL to https.
DJ_O wrote:
I use the latest version of Chrome on Android, and if I use http it automatically changes the URL to https.

See if it lets you import root certificates from the Let's Encrypt website (choose PEM or DER).

Also, that first image looks like the art for some vaporwave album.
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