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ANYWAY, for the past couple months, I've been building a complete, fully-functional Z80 computer, inside the popular game of Minecraft~ It uses all of the original circuit designs and mechanisms, from the Exx flip-flops to the W and Z registers, giving an accurate representation of the entire chip!

“it is pretty cool how you got all the different parts of the CPU together. Great job in implementing the whole thing!”
~ Ken Low, Engineer, ZiLog

“Very Interesting… Great job”
~ Steve Darrough, Vice President, ZiLog

A TON more information available here (As well as build videos upon request: I've got 60 hours+ worth, so ask away):


Now there is a purpose to all of this - Coming Pi Day, 2016, I'll be releasing a book "Jump-start Z80 Machine Code", which if you couldn't guess already, is a guide to getting started with z80 machine code. The book will be a sister book to "Jump-start Ti BASIC", which is already out. (

There is more information on both available on the site above, however, I'll summarize for y'all. Essentially, both serve as an introduction to their respective languages, just enough to get the reader to a point where they can ask their own questions intelligently. The Ti BASIC one goes through applications and GUI Designs, whereas the Z80 Machine Code goes up through simple interrupts. Note, it is in machine code, not Assembly - primarily for the academic purposes.

Tying it back into Minecraft, Having a large 3d representation helps make sense of some of the Z80, especially seeing how some of the instructions work. Think about that plastic, foot tall body every health class has, which has all of the internal organs which can be pulled out and observed. Same principle here! Another bonus of Minecraft, is that it helps connect with a younger audience, so that they hopefully may decide to go into computer science when they grow up - So in lies the purpose of this monstrosity Very Happy

(Note, I'm aware that it's been hilariously long since I talked to some of you about this, but its finally gettin out Razz )

- Kyle Ockerlund, Programming Initiative
Wow, neat build. Maybe you can put it on the Cemetech Minecraft server. Does the machine you made have any other parts, such as the LCD or RAM, or is it just the z80 without the calculator software and such?
It comes with a whopping 13 Bytes of RAM (0d - 12d, so if you're superstitious, you're fine), and eventually the plan is to add some simple peripherals (Like a Rock-Paper-Scissors game or firework display), but those will come after all the instructions are tediously put in.

As for the server, that would be awesome! Assuming the server can handle it ~ If you've got more than 3 people on it the world, even NORAD would have a hard time processing all of the red stone Razz As it is, I'm using an 8 bit texture pack to cut back on lag!
This is incredible! Is there a download available? Also, how fast does it run?
A download is going to be available Pi day as well (I've got some tidying up to do, and Imma label it all properly), and as for speed, the max speed which I've gotten it to was about .2 Hz. Booming. The clock on the thing is simply a lever - reason being, because it's so large (41.6 acres), I need to pull the lever, then fly around the whole thing and make sure it all was in rendered distance correctly, then fly back, and hit the lever again... Running Pokemon on the thing would be a bit interesting! Theoretically, if I did the math correctly, there should be a small area in the center where everything is loaded, however. (that's where peripherals are going to go eventually)

So that's fun!
Did anything ever happen with this? I can't find any evidence it was actually completed.
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