Hello, I am a professor from Texas who currently is teaching a rudimentary highschool engineering class heavily centered around the arduino.
Recently, many of my students have requested me to teach them how to link their calculators to their Arduino UNO's. Now that it's the winter break, I'd like to learn how to do it in order to show them how to do it when we return for the next semester.
I've researched for a while and found this forum and figured out that I should be using ArTICLE however, after a few days of trying to figure out how the library works and how to make an arduino UNO work with the sample code ControlLED and the others, I'm still left mostly confused. My students and I have absoultely no experience with messing with our TI-84s, so it's hard to figure out how it all works.

I wanted to know, are there any instructional videos, on youtube perhaps that I can use to both educate myself and my students on how to use ArTICLE with an Arduino UNO?
So kermM requested me to tell you he is willing to make some instructional videos for you.

That being said I will probably offer to help him, but until then any questions you have I can answer for you here. For now what in the controlLED example seems to be confusing you? I hopefully can help you make some sense of it ^^
Some videos on how to set up the wiring and programming would be great, I still want to figure out how to link the two.
I will send kermM a ding about it and see how he wants to proceed on that. But yeah I will say it did take me a few to understand how to use it as well. The only reason I managed it because I had done a lot of linking work on my own before playing with articl. SO yeah it would probably be a good mini youtube series huh.
geekboy1011 wrote:
any questions you have I can answer for you here. For now what in the controlLED example seems to be confusing you? I hopefully can help you make some sense of it ^^

thank you so much for the offer but I haven't worked on trying to figure out ArTICL for a few weeks, so I'm not completely sure what exactly I was having issues with.
However, I really appreciate that you guys will be working on a video. Whenever the video gets posted I'll be sure to study it myself and send it to my students so they can possibly work on it in their free time.

I'm not at the office right now so the only thing I can suggest is to possibly include information on how to connect a 2.5 mm jack and maybe show the process of coding one of the demo sketches.
As my colleagues kindly posted, I'd be happy to create some video tutorials to help you and your students learn to test the ArTICL demos. Do you have any particular things you'd like me to focus on, or just the full progression from setting up the physical circuit to uploading the firmware to the Arduino to running the test?
I'm not thinking of anything in particular right now. I won't be at the office for a while so I won't know what specific questions I have however, including in the video everything already suggested in this thread should clear up any concerns that I have.

So I made a stand for my phone so I can actually record a video...Hey it's a start!

And getting the necessary supplies together. See the calculator and peripherals Very Happy so maybe have something before the holiday break for me kicks in to hard. Going to attempt to get some of the shots taken tonight.
Oh wow interesting setup! However, I notice that you're not using a traditional arduino-like micro-controller. Because most of my students own Arduino Uno clones, do you suppose it would be confusing to them on the video if it did not showcase the wiring to a more Arduino Uno - like board?
Sadly that arduino Leonardo clone is all I have. Which is under the purple sheild a member made to make the connections easier. I will go over the wiring as if it was an arduino with out the breakout board as well. So it should not be to bad. It's just connecting the cable to different digital pins for me in a much nicer fashion. And yes k'nex are the best lol.
Oh okay I had a feeling that it was a shield but I wasn't completely sure. If you are going to showcase ArTICL with a naked leonardo clone then everything sounds like it'll be good Smile
Oh I totally plan on using the shield. I lost my cut up and pinned cable for direct pin connections, But I do have a spare cable cutup for something else that I will use as an example during the hardware setup. Honestly the hardware setup is the easy part. So I don't think anyone will get lost. I will get a link to the shield later as well. I can honestly recommend it. RFDave did an amazing job with it.
Oh okay, if you think it will be relatively easy then my students should be able to handle it. We have a small class so I might consider getting the shields for everyone anyway.
Haha. Personally since its for education I might be able to help with getting you them. Currently there are 2 in existence that I know of. KermM and my self own one each as they were graciously donated by rfdave. Which you can see the thread for here. https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10694 I am not sure on the pricing for them though, As they are made in small batches by people like me ^^

If I can ask about how many students do you have?
I have two classes with about 15 students each max so realistically if I do happen to get them then I'd have to get a class set. However, I'm typically not very interested in using shields in my class because if there's ever an opportunity to learn more without having all the pieces put together, I'd like to take that opportunity. In this case, I think it would be nice if they learned about how the I/O cable works so I'd probably be able to do that by stripping one of them down and using it in a live demo of ArTICL.
Oh I agree and what we tend to do is strip them down and solder some breadboard jumpers to them so we can put them where need be on our breadboards for prototyping Razz nice and easy

SO current list of topics I'm going to try to put in the video

    -Overview of materials required.
    -Overview of a simple program (Probably the send keypress demo)
    -How to setup the hardware and demonstrating the sending key demo.
    -An overview of the toggle LED demo
    -Setting up and demonstrating the Toggle Led demo

The reason for 2 parts is one shows the arduino talking to the calculator, the other shows the calculator talking to the arduino.

So far that's the plan. Been busy cause of the holidays Very Happy

As for the shields if your interested let me know. I can whip up something to send off to dirtypcb's for like 20 (unpopulated)boards for 28$. That aside they will need to strip the wires and solder them if they plan on getting them to make any meaningful connection with their arduinos. Or use some kind of terminal to put the wires in.
This sounds like it's going to be a very thorough video Smile Again, thank you for all the help that you'll be providing us. I know that this is a lot to ask for, especially during this time of year so I'm very grateful for it. This community is wonderful and I'm glad that you'll be able to help our class out.
I'll make sure to show my kids the video and after this winter break I'll see how invested they seem in using their calculators with their arduinos. If they're really interested I'll reconsider the shields.

Happy Holidays! Smile
Its a labor of love. Been playing with it for over 7 years now, some people here even longer. The whole arTICL thing is awesome to me as I can use it to take any peripheral I want attach it to my arduino then use my calculator to perform math on it. While I can already do that with my computer, its slightly more gratifying doing it for the long way instead of doing it the easy way.

    - Intro of what article is.
    -Overview of materials required. -- Recorded
    -Overview of the link cable and hooking it up to the arduino with article Defaults - Recorded.

    -Overview of a simple program (Probably the send keypress demo) -- Done And recorded

    -How to setup the hardware and demonstrating the sending key demo. -- Done and recorded
    -An overview of the toggle LED demo -- In the works
    -Setting up and demonstrating the Toggle Led demo
Geekboy1011 put together a video demonstrating loading an ArTICL sketch onto your Arduino, connecting your Arduino and TI-84 Plus or TI-83 Plus, and testing out one of the example sketches includes with ArTICL.

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