The idea for this project is quite simple; this program will list all the things craftable on a crafting table, and display how to do it.

I'm currently working out a list of all the things needed, but before I can do that, I also need to get a sprite sheet devised.

This will utilize xlibc, which I've not used the sprite functions of, so I may end up asking for help as this slowly progresses.

Number 1 thing for me to deal with right now is to figure out what sprite sizes I want to go with (16x16 should be big enough to depict the various items, right?) and get them properly setup up in a sprite sheet.

Just kind of getting this posted to help me be more motivated to actually work on this project.

I also need to work on listing out categories and all the items under those categories that are craftable.


Setting up the list indicating items to construct something:

{1=furnace/2=table,Item smelted/produced,furnace slot/top left table, top middle table,top right table,middle left,middle middle, middle right,bottom left,bottom middle,bottom right
Although not perfectly relevant, because they may use the wrong set of sprites, these experiments might be useful to you. Good luck on this project, and please post xLIBC sprite questions you uncover as you go.
Thanks, I will definitely keep this in mind Very Happy

I've found this:

It seems faily complete, I'm not sure yet what it might be missing if it's missing anything.

Going to use this to try to get some 16x16 sprites to throw at tokens and generate a sprite sheet. Let's see if I can figure out how to do this thing. :p
I think it's missing the chopped wood blocks, and wooden planks? Also it doesn't have the different door variations.

Oh I think fences / gates are missing too (which also have the 6 colour variations, depending on what degree of details you want to go to)

This is a cool idea Smile
It appears you are correct. I'll have to see if I can find a more complete listing of them sprites. Smile Thanks for pointing that out!
Here, I extracted and tiled all the block and item textures. The 3D forms I think you were hoping for are actually generated in-game from these flats, IIRC.


    "parent": "block/fence_gate_open",
    "textures": {
        "texture": "blocks/planks_acacia"

So you won't find the icon for Acacia Fence Gate anywhere without taking screenshots.

Well, I was kind of wanting to use a setup similar to how would show how to craft it Smile That's the overall goal of the project.
If it helps, I put together a 160x120 xLIBC-compatible image of the crafting grid. I'd recommend extracting one of the 16x16 squares that makes up the 3x3 area, the arrow, the "Crafting" text, and the output box, and throw them into a sprite sheet (and I'd be happy to help you learn how to do that, if you're unfamiliar). Do you plan to let the user browse the spritesheet of Minecraft items to choose an item they want to craft, then fill in the crafting grid with the recipe? Thinking even further ahead, your data file of recipes would probably be lines of dst_item_id:(0,0 item),(0,1 item),...(2, 2 item)?

That looks pretty cool Very Happy

I was going to go with text based lists, grouped by categories. I have not done anything with xlibc and graphics. And you know how well xlibc and I have gotten along in the past. I'm going to have to read through the docs, figure out how to display sprites so I can set up sprite sheets, so I can begin assigning values to the various items used to craft other items.
This looks awesome!

Keep it up!
Just wanting to put this out there that this project is still on, however, the scope of it has changed. I want to do this in C, so I can offer a superior interface and a lot more information for a lot less memory usage. Also, I want the full screen, not half screen mode :p

I'll be posting up about my C learning here after while, as I have an idea I'd like to propose up to see if I can get general help with as I go.
Good luck! Feel free to post your questions and concerns about learning C sooner rather than late, so that we can help and guide you as you go. I'm looking forward to this resource.
Glad to see this is still in the works! Smile
:Bump: How is this coming along?
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