Good idea. Was his last post there also about 9 months ago?

[2 minutes 43 seconds until Tablet PC is won!]
his last post there was in September.


Thu, 16 February 2006 16:31

I think a PM might be in order.
Aha! I agree.
the things that careful reading can do. Smile
Now we can only hope he responds quickly...
Im typing up the documentation

download it here
I just got his ICQ number and his msn messenger contact thingy :-p

check his detached solutions profile page Smile
Yup, I tried to send him a message with the form there, but the page errored. Sad
just got ICQ and a good IM client.
GAIM, I hope?
KermMartian wrote:
GAIM, I hope?

GAIM has ICQ support i believe
Yes it does. I was asking if the client you got was GAIM.
I use Miranda. I like it better than GAIM or Trillian
Very Happy It even supports Netsend! ROFL
btw, I just got an email from Martin in response to an IM I sent him.

basically, it explained a few bugs, and requested to call the current version a beta and set the license back to the old version. I guess he does check his email (and was the same address Laughing)
lol, nice. I PMed him; no response yet.
he offered to help work out a few bugs and asked me to call me current release a beta. Smile
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