I've been trying to program a library to imitate the DCSB Library for the GUI. I can handle the string inputting and whatnot, but I had only three options to work with when it came to the graphics:

A. Use the Homescreen with Celtic's DispColor routine. (Boring)
B. Use XLIBC shapes (can't use sprites without access to a computer to create image appvars)
C. Use Celtic's BuffSprite and BuffSpriteSelect and the OS graphics routines (Can't draw without forcing updating of the graphscreen).

I thought option C might be good, with the thought of using the Asm84CPrgm using a hex code to choose when to update the graphscreen. Problem is, I can't find the darn thing! It probably doesn't even exist!

Any suggestions?
Well, Asm84CPrgm is in the catalogue. Use 2nd 0 to acces it.

I can't find the darn thing!

That "thing" isn't the Asm84CPrgm token. I mean the sequence of hexidecimal characters that, when executed, will delay updating the screen.
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