Going to make a text viewer for the 84+ monochrome series. Everything is going to be in small font and going to include pictures. Most of it will be centered around animations. Also going to include images in part of the viewer. The original idea came from wanting to include what if xkcd articles in the ti 84. Hopefully, I can at least get the first one done by the weekend in a demo version.
Here's an idea of how to move through the pages of the "book".
Woah, I like that page turner. Razz Sounds good!
So, an update to the current progress right now.
Made the first what if for xkcd, seems like it works pretty well.
Here's a link to downloading the test version.
appvar for text
Actual program
XKCD what if 1
(hopefully these links actually work...)
You need all the files to test it out Sad
Maybe I'll combine the text appvar with the actual program since it's not too large.
Either way, there's still a lot of stuff to do, like saving and displaying page number, browsing through a library of all the books, and better UI.
And finally, here's a screenie of how it works with the average speed.
I like this! One suggestion would be to add a vertical line down the center when the page is turning.
o_o that looks amazing! keep up the great work haobo Smile
I did try using the vertical line before, but the result wasn't as pleasant as I thought it was either. Here's the result Wink

I mean, if people think it's better, I can keep it like that.
Other thing I can try is using partial grayscale to make just the line a little lighter. What do you think?
Of course, it does sacrifice a bit of speed for that, and a bit of extra programming for good interrupted grayscale.
Yeah, making the line lighter might help.

EDIT: or you could try making the page that's turning a bit darker using grayscale.
Haobo wrote:
Maybe I'll combine the text appvar with the actual program since it's not too large.

What is in the text appvar? a font?
It just has small 8x8 sprites for custom font as well, since the text command in axe is not as easy to use. I might make a font changer, but it's not that useful since there's not many fonts that small.
Btw, this project is currently on hold because of the 4x3 contest, but I'll continue after the contest is over, and probably completely change all the code because of some problems.
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