I need some help combining a few appvars to make bigger appvars. Very Happy In SAX, people told me to use spasm to do it, but I don't really understand the basics of how it works, and I don't need to use any too advanced stuff with it, so it would be easier to get some help.
The program I want to do it for is Five Nights at Freddy's, the link for the game is in my signature. So if anyone can help combine a few of them, it would be appreciated!

FNAFFRDY + FNAFFRD2 + another one that I need to include later
How did you create these appvars in the first place? I'm assuming you didn't manually enter over 100KB of raw data. It's probably better to combine the original sources so you don't need to manually recombine the resulting appvars any time you change or add data.
By manually enter, I kinda did manually enter some of it, but most are large grayscale pictures that are spread out over a lot of appvars.
I was hoping that I would not need to change the data anymore after this. I created the appvars with axe directly, so it would probably be easier to combine the raw data because I also lost some of the originals...
Ah... In that case, it might be a little tricky to use spasm for this. At least, until this feature request I just made goes through.

Until the #import preprocessor command is improved, you could extract just the data portion of each appvar into separate files and #import those. I'm not aware of any tool that will do this for you, but it's simple enough to do manually anyways. Appvar files have a 74-byte header and 2-byte footer, so you'd just need to chop those off with something like a hex file editor.

Once you have the files, you'd create a source file like this:

#import "file1.bin"
#import "file2.bin"
#import "file3.bin"

And assemble it with a command like this:

spasm var1.z80 VAR1.8xv

If and when the #import command gets improved, you could make spasm pull out just the data portions of each appvar for you:

#import "VAR1.8xv",74,-2
#import "VAR2.8xv",74,-2
#import "VAR3.8xv",74,-2
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