Is there any way that I would be able to output exact answers, such as 5/6 or π? If there is any way to do it, please let me know and if there is already a pre-existing app, please leave a link so I am look at it.
can't you just use the >frac token?
Well he wanted an app Razz. And the format of it displays better I think; I don't know, never used it, but it does display more than the >frac would.
I've tried it once just to see what the difference was, and honestly, it's a little fancier, but I personally hated it because if I recall correctly, it doesn't offer the full versatility of the normal calc screen, and takes up a whole ton of space because it's an app...
mr womp womp wrote:
can't you just use the >frac token?

I got an error when I tried this.

Also, as of right now, I am solely programming in BASIC
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