OMG I can't believe it! Has allowed a guessing game to go into their archives. I can't believe it, they rant about the poor noobs releasing their first steps into programming, then someone comes along with a fancy greyscale game, and yet they allow it! My rant is against all guessing games and the people that support them. So what if his game has greyscale, it is still a guessing game! And why in hell do people like wackey fun random number generator! What are they on! I try and upload my base conversion program, and the retard replies me with a message saying "We have too many base converion programs in our archives." And then they allow someone to submit a guess the number game? Undoubtedly people will come saying, "wow that game is wicked cool and yes, i did overdose on my cough medicine." It's just so stupid how they can allow another guess the number game! IT'S SO STUPID!

Here's the link by the way...

So you can see how dumb it is. And why I am so mad that they chose that program over mine, and maybe 50 others that people had submitted that might have beed useful (there were 69 programs in the file queue when I uploaded. Undoubtedly at least 10 other programs must've been uploaded in the 2 days from my upload to Friday.
that is just Kevin having fun. I think they let it in because it was Kevin_O's program
I thought that too. It was the main reason why I got angry. He is the one who also made the wacky fun random number generator right?
It's Kevin O's proggie, so they're gonna let it in. Also, it's not just a guessing game, look again.
that game was posted as a fake news on Omnimaga website and in the archives as a joke. The description on omnimaga file info page is all written in 13375p34k as well as the readme

Btw i PROMISE this wont happen again, as it was only meant to be a joke, hence I even made it grayscale ^^

Wacky FUn Random Numbar Generator was made by Nick Disabato. I am the author of Reuben QUest and xLIB xLIB Revolution
Before this gets out of hand, this topic is closed. Please do not start another on this subject, as most of us know that guessing games are bad, though everyone else should also know that Kevin is an awesome programmer, so something like that is just for laughs...
Kevin definitely didn't make the rwfrng, that was around years aqgo from Nick. I think deserves to get in; it's a parody of all the n00bish guessing games, not a genuine attempt. Smile
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