This thread will host work for making a ROM dumping program for Logger Pro. It may or may not be limited to Logger Pro 3.

These files are examples of what you get when you have imported lists from a TI calc:

I think the end result should be something like the following:

There are four programs; one for each list in the end result.
Similar to rom8x


To be executed by human
:For (X, 1, 4)
:Run each program on the calc. The program will create a custom list that contains 1/4 of the ROM data.
:Import Custom List#X to Logger Pro
:DelVar List#X from Calc

On Logger Pro,


:For(X, 2, 4)
:augment(List#1, List#X) → List#1
:DelVar List#X
// Cut & Paste

Export file as whatever we decide on later. Probably GIS or CSV.
Upload to Cemetech.

Vernier has three(?) options for exporting files:
Export to CSV - usable by SC3, has a small junk header
Export to GIS - a .txt file with a small junk header
Export to Text - a .txt file with a lage junk header. Probably not gonna use it.

All 3 have a header at the top.
If we use CSV, we could code the Cemetech end of the program in TI-BASIC. Smile The first line would have to be deleted.

If we use GIS, we could write the server-side code in a probably more-easily implemented language. Once again, write code to delete first line.
Idea On second thought, have the human open the file, delete the first line, save the file, and then upload.

If we're going to use .txt as the format for the ROM, we should use "Export to GIS", as that has a smaller header at the top.

I think GIS is our best option, but I don't know what language to use.

This may become a thing in which any data from the calc is copied to a list, and then decoded on the computer.
Ah, I think we were talking slightly at cross-purposes here. I think it makes sense to have SourceCoder able to read the files that Vernier's tools use, so that people can explore data that they collect with Vernier's tools even if they don't still have those tools available. On the other hand, I think that using something other than TI-Connect or TILP to transfer the data rom8x needs from your calculator to build a ROM image is likely to be useful to so few users that it's probably not worth our time to put together. Smile
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