So, I just got my link cord and I decided to learn Axe!
But, I am having a hard time finding something that will help me understand it. I found a few tutorials, but I could not find anything that explains the correct syntax and usage for the commands.
If anyone know of a tutorial please give me a link to it.
Here, take a look at this:

I believe under "Commands.html" it has a list of what you can do, plus some examples and things are included. Hope this helps! Smile

Also, take a look at the "Documentation" pdf. That has a ton of things for getting started. Smile
Oh yeah, I had looked at that, I just didn't understand the lingo it used. Razz
I might be able to start something very basic up though.

For example: What does EXP mean? Does: If EXP = If A>L?
I would guess EXP is short for expression. So yeah, "If EXP" could be "If A>L".
So, How can I display variables? I tried "Disp A" but that just gave me a whole bunch of random characters.
But, I take it variables still work because getkey works.
You need to type "Disp A>Dec" instead, as Axe reads the A as a pointer, and displays it as characters instead.
Thanks! I remember reading something about that!
I need to pay more attention to the guide.
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