Hey I just got my site up and running (for the most part) and am giving an invitation to any who would like me to advertise their programs on my site, right now I have no one that has any of their programs on but I have a few of mine up. check it out.
Please know that there are a few 404's but the one in Archives>Other is only because I dont have any one else's programs in yet.

Information needing to know:
URL for program
and description (can be pretty much as long as wanted, limited to what I say is exceptional)

I am also providing the option to put an 88x31 logo of your choice (limited to what I think is appropriate) to advertise your site or company.

[Moved to proper forum, spelling and grammar fixed a bit.]

I'd like you to display my 88x31 as an affiliate if you want...
Your site is riddled with spelling errors. I refuse to look at it. Bad Idea
I've been trying to edit his posts for spelling and grammar, but I still think I'm losing ground.
The site itself is no better. Sad
I have an FTP account, so maybe I'll go through and correct it a bit.
Wait a tick,

This is were an interesting part of the project comes in. I have recenetly created a program called TIneternet that I programmed and that is making it possible to have internet on the calculator, but recently I have met a guy namned Kerm Martian that has formed a bridge between dreams and reality. He is the founder and CEO of Cemetech(also founder of gCn, CALCnet, and other internet programs). A very great company, not sure if its even a company but he, TI-Freak and I have been putting to gather some ideas to make it happen. Go HERE for more information about this topic.

I have absolutely nothing to do with gcn, tici, etc... Confused I just admin the site and forums...
ROFL, I need to fix up some of his factual info. Smile
No kidding? I don't want to start getting emails about calcs and internet stuff... Razz Cuz I don't know nuthin about it... Smile
Goto archives old,(using the menu bar to the left) to find this program

archives->old doesn't exist... Laughing
Yeah, I found the same thing.
hey, you can always use my logo to on your site

can't remember the link right now
So swivel, do you mind if I clean up the spelling and grammar on your site a bit?
oooooooh Rolling Eyes
the ecstasy Laughing
boost wrote:
oooooooh Rolling Eyes
the ecstasy Laughing

Of what, the archives or the spelling/grammar fixes?
Go ahead Kerm, besides it was not ment to be the greatest, it was my first one on that site, I am still trying out differant looks and things, I am not all worried about spelling/grammer right now. But thanks Smile . As for the comments about the site itself, I can change alot of this stuff. Thanks for your oppinions I have been needing some. Wink . I f you guys could I would like to see what ideas you have are, if you guys would like to help me with redesigning the site I would really like that. I will give credit to you guys, you wont be forgotten Razz . But you all can still upload stuff to my site if you'de like, just give me the information I asked for.

I think that overall the look is good, especially the color theme. I don't love that advert under the sidebar though.
yah me nethar, I need some were to put it. I have to have it unless I can get away with not using it. Maybe I can but not sure. Got any ideas of were to put it? Thanks for the comment by the way.

Use a different button tool then. Smile Or code your own.
If I decide to submit a program, do you have the program on your site or just link to it?
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