Something like half of this would work:

so what is this supposed to be?
Schematic for a wireless link released at seven years ago, which ad been completely lost to the community until I just found that!
ok, almost looked like the IR link for a second
I think I saw that mentioned somewhere else. Seems like it might work.
The only problem is that though it uses relatively few parts, the main component is a hard-to-find, kinda expensive IC. Sad
Those are hard to find. I don't think I've seen more than two in the past year or so.
Here's a datasheet on it.
I might do some digging around in my basement, see if I have enough components to build a few of those (you don't want to know what exists down there)
lol, good luck. I doubt you'd have this ic though, it's very specialized. I'm looking around for places that sell it.
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