You are a cat. You want to go to space. Your friends say it's impossible. But you have faith. You try to fly into space. You fail. You are not discouraged. You get a jetpack. You try again. You reach space. You are a space cat.

(pretty much the game is going to have you dodge obstacles and fly upward while collecting stars or something and it is most likely going to be in TI-Basic for TI 84 PCSE)

well it's been a day of working on this, and i think i made a good start (thank you thanksgiving break)

here's a screenshot:

the game runs super slow and i need to work on making it a bit more fun because it is pretty boring as of now.

i want to get as much progress as i can during thanksgiving break, since school and other things are very time-consuming

i also want to figure out how to use sprites since (as you can see in the screenshot) the icons/cat are all ascii (boring)

wish me luck!
Looks like you have a fairly concrete concept down, I love it.
Hey! Looking very cool!
thanks for the positive feedback! i'm glad you like it so far Smile

i did some experimenting with sprites, and it does not help speed up the game, so i will probably stick to the original inverted equal and *. plus, it worked fine on an emulator, while trying to run it on my physical calculator caused the screen to flash with horizontal and vertical lines (not sure what's happening) so i'm probably going to need more sprite experience before i try to use sprites again
bump again

in an effort to make the game more fun, i added this fuel thing, plus one more red brick.

it's still running very slow, so i need to try to optimize the code.

also, there's a small chance that i'll rewrite the game to use the half res mode and try to use sprites, but i do not have very much time, so we'll see
Hmm, after you get hit by a brick, bring it to a try again/return to main menu menu instead of the main menu.
If I may suggest, could you make movement go more than one space at a time? So each input would move the sprite over two spaces. It looks great!
alright, i have had absolutely no time to work on this since thanksgiving break ended, so i'm going to tidy up the code and submit soon
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