Hi all!

I recently heard about Unknownloner's project to port FORTH to the CSE. However, now, I am torn. I am beginning to understand z80 assembly, but now I am thinking about switching to learning FORTH.
What should I do?
z80 asm(; At least that's what I would do.
Assembly has its uses even outside of z80. Go try that.
Stick with z80 ASM for now at least, my FORTH compiler is not really in a usable state.
I don't know; Unknown's SNAKE looks much easier to make in FORTH than z80...
The thing is that to actually use my FORTH compiler right now, you still have to know assembly. Even if that changes in the future, most programs will still probably require at least a little bit of assembly.
I see.
I should probably clarify that if you want to learn FORTH, go for it, it's a fun language. But if you're goal is to program for the TI84+CSE, you would be better off right now improving your assembly skills.

On the monochrome calculators you also have Axe as another alternative of course, but then it just comes down to personal preference as to whether you want to use assembly or axe so I won't choose sides there.
Okay. Thanks, Unknown!
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