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EDIT: Hmm, it actually seems like you want to send files to your calculator, not the other way around. From the main TI Connect program, open Send To TI Device, which should have a giant yellow arrow over it. From the screen that pops up, click the button [Select Device], and select your calculator from this menu. To choose files to send, press the [Browse] button. When you are ready, press the [Send to Device] button. Smile

Thanks, but I'm actually trying to take a file off my calculator so i can upload it on Cemetech. I have already changed the settings and i am sending files to my flashedrive but I can't seem to get anything to work. Any other suggestions?
[quote="MateoConLechuga"]Try changing the location where TI-connect sends the file to the computer. If you select move, then the file is taken off of the calculator. You can change the download location of the file by opening the main TI Connect program and opening the options button -- should be near the lower right, as a gear. Hope this helps! Smile (Try changing User Data)

Thanks for the help. I've already changed the file destination to my flashdrive but i can't recieve any of the files (yes, I'm trying to send from calculator to computer). Any other suggestions or should I just try redownloading Ti-connect?
1) Open TI-Device Explorer.
2) If necessary, select your device and cable.
3) When the contents of your calculator appear, drag the file that you want out of the TI-Connect window and into a folder (like your Flash Drive).
4) TI-Connect will copy the file to that folder.
That sounds amazingly simple. thanks. I think that might solve my problem (:
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