lemme clarify,


from wxPython import *

lets you use it with just wxCONSTANT_NAME or wxClassName
the from MODULE import * is the depreciated method though, and should be avoided Razz
oh well..... Sad
Yeah, but <B> and <U> are depricated, yet they're in wide use anyway. Smile
demo updated, same link
This is only the MacOS executable, right? 'Cause I don't see an .exe anywhere in there. Smile
this is just the python code for the frontend

no exectuables till I add in Martin's backend
too lazy to download, gimme screenies please Very Happy
Im lazy too, Laughing

browse them here:

uhhh...ohhhh, ic. Nice.
what is basic builder anyway? Neutral

oh, and there IS a built in "Wizard" class that looks like it would work well
Its a program that compresses and converts a Basic program into an App

I decided for various reasons to stick with tabs instead of a wizard, you'll see why if you run the original BBuilder.
Ah, tabs would be an excellent idea.
I have now gotten the decompiler to work..its getting there. if anybody has a basicbuilder hex file sitting around somewhere please email it to me for testing or test it yourself

the demo has now been updated. The GUI is done. The decompiler works....almost there
What do you mean by decompiler? What does it decompile?
it decompiles a basicbuilder app into its component programs and pictures and recreates an ini file for it.
Ah, cool. What will you use that for?
KermMartian wrote:
Ah, cool. What will you use that for?

sounds like a save method....
and that particular feature is done....which is why Im asking people to try it out.

[ot]whats the CemeSearch bot?[/ot]
New site spider I wrote in PHP for Cemetech; I'm thinking of making it index other sites too if you want.
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