The living pokedex project is one where every pokemon available in a game is caught, along with its evolutions. Various forms are optional to me in this regard, though I do try to get those as well, they just aren't the most important thing for me to get at.

And as events come and go, I'll be posting AR codes up for individual games so I can at least active events to complete more of the dex.

Codes posted are mainly for easier access as I need them.

As I am currently playing through HeartGold, I've found codes for certain events that aren't available now. Cloning code will only be used on pokemon that evolve either at a high level or by trading, so I don't have to go through and level another one up to evolve to stage 2.

Access to Arceus, Pikachu colored Pichu, and Celebi.

One for Mew:

Various codes, need to investigate which of the codes are useful.


Pokemon games completion:

Leaf Green - ?/386
Fire Red - 009/386
Ruby - ?/386
Sapphire - 030/386
Emerald - 008/386
Diamond - 037/493
Pearl - 020/493
Platinum - ?/493
Heart Gold - 324/493
Soul Silver - 029/493
Black - 095/649
White - 104/649
Black 2 - 649/649
White 2 - 103/649
X - 448/720
Y - 718/720
AS - 374/720
OR - 003/720

I'll attempt to keep this list updated as I get new ones on each version. Some games are slated for a complete restart, and probably won't see change in numbers for quite some time.

Emerald requires a complete restart of the game.
Ruby requires a complete restart of the game.
Pearl has pokemon on it that needs to be transferred off before restarting.
Platinum has pokemon on it that needs to be transfered off before restarting.
White 2 requires a complete restart of the game.

Update X 265 -> 301 8/5
Do these counts exclude Pokemon from previous games or are they the complete count for each game and thus Pikachu in Ruby, Sapphire, etc are being treated as separate?
They are indeed being treated as separate Smile Each game contains X amount of pokemon, and they will all be able to show off each individual pokemon stored in the PC. I suppose I should update the first post with what the living pokedex is to look like, huh?
That sounds cumbersome. Why not compile a list of non-duplicate Pokemon and then make the Pokedex from that? I'm sure the differences in Pokemon between X & Y are in the tens or twenties than 718...

Edit: Wait, you aren't making this. Nevermind then.
Yeah, this is just play the game, Get all the pokemons, move onto the next game Smile The completionist in me wants it. lol
Updated White 2 and X in the first post. Currently running through Friend Safaris on X to gain what I can before I start breeding them on Y to carry over to X. Still have a long way to go. :S
So, I've been doing a bit of research, and I've come to realize competing the Living dex on Generation 3 games is going to be complicated, without an Action Replay device, and those are going for like $70 on ebay. :S

Mainly, it's because of Jirachi, and Celebi. There might be others that one cannot get on these without it.

It also looks like I should be focusing on Emerald edition instead of Sapphire, because Emerald gives you the ability to get a lot of Generation 2 Pokemon not otherwise available in Generation 3. Such fun.
I still need to get the linking version of the emulator core I've been using compiled and working with OpenEmu so I can trade my Blue to completion.
ooo~ That sounds fun Very Happy I need to go back to playing some of the old versions (I had a good game going in Yellow before X and Y came out) and need to get around to finishing them.


Updated list for Sapphire, Emerald, and Leaf Green (Leaf Green needs to be restarted, though some of the pokemon can be moved over to one of the other games before that happens).

I started up this group to share my adventures with this project, to share news of the Pokemon universe, and to share cute Pokemon pictures as I find them. Smile Feel free to give it a like to keep up on updates.
Updated the list in the first post to include the 2 new games, and the most up to date count for Pokemon in the PC for each game. I realized it had been a while since I've updated, and honestly, some of those numbers bounced up drastically.
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