So, this was dropped in with the teaser, of DW coming back in August. It's not much, you essentially get 3 frames of a future episode, and it looks rather bleak for the TARDIS. Seems we'll be getting a new interior soon?

Which is quite the shame, I rather like the current control room setup, actually feels like a space ship now.

Edit by comic:
Season 8 is available for preorder from these popular online services:

(The prices reflects the SD price.)
The trailer for those curious.

I'm excited. Totally. I want the Season Pass to be available already.

It's hard to say what it and what it doesn't feel like based on those three frames. S7's Tardis had stairs, this one has stairs. I don't see much difference yet.

Not really a spoiler, as it is a fan made trailer, but my god, did they do a great job with it or what?
tifreak8x wrote:

Not really a spoiler, as it is a fan made trailer, but my god, did they do a great job with it or what?
That was ridiculously beautiful. The BBC should hire this guy ASAP.
Trailer for Series 8 added to the first post! Get excited!
I've seen the pre-air first episode for Season 8, it's going to ROCK Very Happy
I can't wait, I just finished S7. It took a year to catch up!
I liked Matt Smith, but his regeneration wasn't very good, in my opinion.
Hey guys, I just added a list of services to the first post that you can buy the Eighth season from. Episodes available by these services are ready to be streamed/downloaded the next day (Sunday) as early as 3a Eastern.

Also, the price is usually around 16 bucks for the HD version whereas S8 is 39.99. I believe S8 is to be one string of episodes rather than split in two parts.
I guess I'll kick this off.

Did any one catch the references to "Fires of Pompeii," "The Girl in the Fire Place" and the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker. I'm sure I'm missing some others but those all stood out to me.

The ending at the Promised Land, wasn't the Doctor married to River? Now he has a Girlfriend? Maybe it's back in time but either River changed or we didn't see (all?) of Rivers prior regenerations.
Yeah, I noticed the references as well.

comicIDIOT wrote:

The ending at the Promised Land, wasn't the Doctor married to River? Now he has a Girlfriend? Maybe it's back in time but either River changed or we didn't see (all?) of Rivers prior regenerations.

My first theory was that she was the Rani. I've seen other theories that she was a regenerated Master, but I seriously doubt that. Razz
I honestly liked the episode. It was a nice way to introduce the new doctor and it didn't seem to involve too much huge overbearing story arcs or anything, aside from the last minutes. It felt like a classic who episode to me, imo.
I liked most of it, besides rolling my eyes at Moffat's "I'm making my doctor the most important doctor by making his lifespan surpass all of his previous regenerations", and the gratuitous "painting" shot when Vastra isn't actually painting.
I'm really starting to love Peter. The episodes seem to be less story and more wit. Anyways.

I wanted that crack to be similar to the crack in time that we saw when we first met Amy Pond. I wanted the Daleks to see the TARDIS when they invaded the ship (since the TARDIS was prominently visible from the camera angle) and make a comment about it such as "THE DOCTOR IS. HERE. BEWARE." etc etc. But then I remembered that the Daleks don't know who the Doctor is anymore.

I certainly hope we'll see that lone Dalek again.
This seems relevant to various discussions of how we all feel about Moffat's tenure as show-runner:
Last nights episode was amazing. I made the mistake of watching it at 3a but I managed to fall asleep after 2 hours.

After I watched the episode I decided to watch some of the Extras that Vudu had put into the season pass. The Robots of Sherwood Extra had a striking story arc that I didn't catch in the 50th Anniversary. Click here to watch, it starts at about 6 minutes and is no longer than a minute.

With the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, Queen Elizabeth has her archers turn on him when Martha is his companion. In the 50th, he marries her. It seems Series 8 is also focusing on the Doctor as the basis of his curiosity & fear is created by Clara at the end of the episode. I'm really looking forward to this.
I'll admit that I'm disappointed in the lack of interest in Doctor Who on Cemetech this season, for S7 we have 10 pages of posts. Also, when researching this it seems that my thought about when he wiped the memory of the Daleks was not as recent as I had first thought (literally just 3 posts up).

So. Did anyone find that last episode pointless? If 12 could get into the vault and place all those briefcases why did he need to wipe the memory of himself and of everyone involved? Couldn't he of just waited outside the vault in the TARDIS? Put I guess that answers how the first two accomplices get their "desires" but how would have the Doctor gotten into the Personal Vault if he had just waited outside the atomically sealed vault?

I don't know, the episode just felt unimportant as a whole.
As with a huge proportion of Moffat-era episodes, the plot was obviously secondary to the characterization.

That said, tonight's episode was fantastic.
comicIDIOT wrote:

I don't know, the episode just felt unimportant as a whole.

Well maybe that's a good thing, where they are now moving back to the standard monster of the week and axing out the "every episode plays a convoluted part in my 3 season long arc of timey wimey."

That said, my only once complaint about the new 12th Doctor episodes is all the god a exposition. Just, come on, stop talking about each others character flaws and start moving more towards the exploration and alien centered part of the show.
I did like this episode. We saw how a soldier can play a role with the Doctors anti-soldier philosophy. The episode could have used more action rather than focusing on so much character development but in the end, I'm extremely satisfied with how the episode ended. Hopefully we'll see a Rose + Micky/Ricky-esque companion duo this season which I think would be fantastic.

This season seems to be lacking any real per-episode villain. We had the bank in Time Hiest but that's just one episode where there was really a villain. I wanted to see more of the Cyberman-Spider-Hybrid creature in action. I wanted the foreshadowing of Pink calling in the police or military on this thing to happen. I wanted so much more from this episode. In the end, I'm excited to see the characters developing and can only imagine the adventures and action but I'm also disappointed by the lack of any real atmosphere.

The whole episode seemed to be between Pink, Clara, The Doctor and that girl. When Tennant became "John Smith" there was more interaction with the world characters. I can't recall if 11 disguised himself as John Smith but if he did they missed a clever cast joke where the Doctor called himself Matt Smith.

I'll say it again but now that we have Pink in on the Doctor, I'm hoping the action kicks up and the character development plateaus.
Oh, also, small side note, anyone else notice the Doctor whistling "Another Brick in the Wall" when Clara was telling off some students?
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