Hello everyone, please help me with this issue I have been having.

I have just recently downloaded these programs at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/366/36637.html onto my TI84 calculator. I am able to view all of these programs (XA1, XFRAC, XSIMPLIF, XSQRT, and XVALUE) under the normal PRGM menu on the calculator. However, when I open DoorsCS to view the programs, only XSIMPLIF and XSQRT are shown in DoorsCS. I am currently guessing that it may be due to size differences that the XA1, XFRAC, and XVALUE programs are not showing? I have no idea right now and am so confused.

Thanks in advance!
Hello there! Is the first token in XA1, XFRAC, and XVALUE either Ans or rand? If so, simply type a "1" in front of Ans or rand, or add a blank line as the first line of the program.
Thanks! It works now! Smile
theultimateanswer wrote:
Thanks! It works now! Smile
You're welcome! I'm glad that that was such an easy issue to resolve. Smile
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