Hi, so this is kind of urgent, sorry to say but it is. I have some TI-84 programs here that I can't open, it gives me error #501. I CAN however open them without doorsCS. But I can't just unninstall it since I need it to open other stuff. Is there any way to turn off doors from opening all my programs by default?
Macaco, which programs are these? Error code 501, or "Invalid Type" according to the Error Code reference should be extremely hard to trigger (which I can confirm by looking at my source code). You can indeed temporarily disable Doors CS from running programs on the homescreen by going to options and disabling the HomeRun hook. However, I'd like to get to the bottom of what programs are causing this.
Thanks for the reply.
I'm trying to get the "Decimal Simplifier" for Ti-84 to work.

Sorry if I'm not allowed to post links here.
macaco000 wrote:
Sorry if I'm not allowed to post links here.

As long as they aren't links trying to sell something, appear a bit scammy in nature whether it's the linked website or the context of the post - Referral links are also shunned but not expressly forbidden - or they are not safe for work (NSFW), you're a-okay with links. Smile
Going to quote myself here.

Hayleia wrote:
I see everywhere in that topic mentions about "the TI 84", but the TI 84 doesn't exist. There is always something after the "84", either a "Plus" or a "Pocket", sometimes both, sometimes followed with ".fr" or "SE" or both, and now even "CSE".
It was not a big deal before the CSE because they were all compatible but now they aren't, and sentences like "an lcd like that of the 84" don't mean anything anymore since that could apply to two different LCDs. And maybe most people assume that "TI 84" without "CSE" names all 84-calcs except the CSE but I already saw someone (on that website and on others) reporting a problem on a "84", which was a CSE.

So yeah, are you sure you are not opening a CSE program on a non-CSE or the contrary ?
I know this is an old thread but I don't think it deserves its own.

If I run a program that has Ans as the first token in it then I get:
angry face error # 501
Invalid Filetype

This only happens if the HomeRun hook is enabled. If I have anything at all before Ans even if it's just a blank line this doesn't happen, and I haven't seen any other token do this. Regardless of HomeRun hook DCS won't acknowledge my program's existence if I look for it from within DCS. To be sure this wasn't just my calculator, I cleared all of the memory and reinstalled DCS 7 and it still happened.
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