gbl08ma wrote:
What makes you say that? It's actually quite limited compared to Casio's graphing software, for example it doesn't have any G-Solve related thing, nor does it let you draw on the graph, just to mention some limitations.
The plus side is that it allows for drawing more complex functions.

The reason I say it looks better is because the lines are thinner. The official Casio prizm graphing program uses too thick lines.
ProgrammerNerd wrote:
gbl08ma wrote:
What makes you say that? It's actually quite limited compared to Casio's graphing software, for example it doesn't have any G-Solve related thing, nor does it let you draw on the graph, just to mention some limitations.
The plus side is that it allows for drawing more complex functions.

The reason I say it looks better is because the lines are thinner. The official Casio prizm graphing program uses too thick lines.
If you want to, you can change the line type in Casio's program by pressing F4 (TOOL) > F1 (STYLE) and then a line type (F5 is the thinnest).
Thank you JosJuice I am surprised I overlooked that feature thank you for pointing it out.
Is this updated version of eigenmath (beta 7) available for download ?
Are the sources of this version also available ?
What is the exact size of the add in ?
What are the new features that you are now developing ?

Thanks !!
Read the first post, it is up for download and the sources are available. To know the exact size, download and see, but I think it's about 270 KB. There are no new features, for now.
Sorry, I didn't have my computer for the weekend so I couldn't download it.
Thanks for the reply and if you want some ideas for new features ask, I'm sure that the people on the forum will have plenty of it.
gbl08ma I deleted my old fork and forked your repository this time making sure that changes that I make are compatible with your build system allowing you to take in changes easier. I did this by cloning your fork of libfxcg and using that. However I did have to add a few declarations and defines in math.h and add a few syscalls to get this to work. I also had to use libm from my fork of libfxcg (it is based on It would be better that you update your fork of libfxcg so that I can be absolutely sure that what I am using is what you are using. Also what is libceigen? I can compile without it.
My fork of libfxcg on GitHub is not up-to-date I think, I need to push my changes, but my tree is very dirty right now, I'll need to reorganize things before I do it. The libm I'm using, I don't know where it came from (my SDK is a mess). And about libceigen... I can only find its binary but not its source, but I think it is a libc I built (based on the one included on the libfxcg tree) which probably has some special function (or the lack of it) needed (or once needed) for Eigenmath to work. It may not be needed with the GCC version I'm using right now. I'll try switching to the "normal" libc I use for Utilities and see if anything stops working.
Are the sources at this link : the one from eigenmath beta 7 ?
That's actually some commits after Beta 7, you are looking for this instead:
Thanks a lot !
KermMartian wrote:
I've noticed that French sites seem to have different ethics than English sites in re-hosting files without asking (no, not just TI-Planet). My theory is that it's a cultural divide that we mutually don't quite get. Smile

I just googled my prizm programs for fun and I too had the same experience. What is a culturally appropriate way to handle this issue? I was thinking of creating an account on their forms and posting something using an online translator such as google translate. I looked at some of their post using google translate (I do not speak french at all) in regards to my projects and see enthusiasm and the last thing I want is to offend them. However the old versions of my program are prone to crashing the calculator when trying to exit them due to overwriting some memory addresses that should be modified. They can host files on their site, but I just want it to be the latest version. They have generated over 4 times as many downloads as I have just for my port of open jazz jackrabbit. If they don't want to check for updates I could create an account just to manage the archive their site or they could just link to the English speaking archives that I manage. I have downloaded from non-English speaking websites before and it is not too bad. The worst that could happen is if there is an advertisement that says download next to the real download button. I use adblock plus.
It's perfectly valid to want TI-Planet to link to external sites, and in fact, we do that, be it for TI's official software as long as it's still available, for Kerm's software at his request, or several others. Please just provide the links to the archives that you'd want to see pointing to an external site (like Kerm did), and of course, ensure that the link remains valid for a while, does not require registration on a foreign board, etc. Wink

The re-hosting vs. linking debate is not a black and white matter. In the French community, and not just at TI-Planet, most people seem to think that outdated content is better than content that vanishes. The latter happens more often than people think. I seldom upload content to TI-Planet, and never re-host content myself, but I don't completely disagree with that.

BTW, at TI-Planet, unlike other community sites, we have a strong policy of informing users about the licensing of the content they're downloading Smile
I agree with you in regards to vanishing content. It is sad when you cannot find any version. I do not have a problem with re-hosting. I think it is good to have. My concern however is when a new version exists that fixes a serious security bug or a bug that may pose a small risk to the user's calculator. The latest versions of my casio prizm mpeg2 player and open jazz jackrabbit fix a bug that caused screen corruption and 1.02 for both programs fixed a bug that caused memory to be overwritten that is used by the OS. If you want to keep the old versions around that is fine I just want the users to be aware that there is a newer version.
Anyways as for links to programs that are in archives that I can update if needed are
Mpeg 2 player:
Open Jazz jackrabbit
Updated on TI-Planet Smile
(I actually also added a screenshot to the video player, there was none)
Thank you adriweb.
Beta 8 is out (and 1.0 is coming very very soon, in the next week or at most in the beginning of July).
Changes and new features:
- Console scrollback: press Shift and then the Up or Down key to enter scrolling mode, then use Up and Down to scroll and any other key to leave scrolling mode;
- UI elements updated to latest version (from Utilities), script browser items are now sorted by name, icons are brought in from OS;
- Different symbol at beginning of new command line (people mistook it for a "greater than" symbol);
- Bracket highlighting on command entry;
- Allow for drawing multiple graphs at once (use e.g. do(draw(x),draw(x^2)) );
- Better 'random' command (random output range changed!);
- new 'finetiming' command, reads a TMU register. Useful for measuring execution speed. Simon says the register ticks every 20 uS.
- Important UI/UX changes:
-> no more catalog on F1, use Shift+4 or Shift+Menu then select the first option;
-> no more "Load script" on F2, use Shift+Menu then select the second option;
-> F1 and F2 are available for user customization;
- Possibly faster console rendering;
- Support for pasting from system clipboard (Shift+9);
- Support for copying current command entry or last result to clipboard (Shift+8 );
- A bit more heap available for Eigenmath (command history now lives on the stack, please report any anomalies with command history);
- Help on all catalog functions, accessible from the catalog;
- Ported a limit-solving function from SMIB (a fork of Eigenmath based on old code which has lots of functions, so many that SMIB as-is wouldn't work on the Prizm). Works really poorly, and when it doesn't error, often gives wrong results. Not my fault. Do not use. You were warned.
- Many bug fixes and small improvements.

As always, comment and complain Smile


PS: after 1.0 comes out, I couldn't care less of where you redistribute it (as it happens with Utilities). Before that, you are also free to redistribute it whenever and wherever you want under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 license... which doesn't mean that I like having you do it, especially if you don't keep your mirror/friends/whatever updated when I release new betas. It also makes much harder to track downloads* and have important fixes spread quickly.
Also note that my download links do not require registration, do not have captchas to complete or any other burden, have 99.9% uptime (in fact, if the links went down it'd mean far more serious problems), with servers and domains being paid well in advance and without risk of defaulting.
So having other people mirror the downloads is not a priority, and if the downloads ever go down, I'm sure someone will have the binaries to re-upload - but only by that time.

*important, because in the case of a serious problem that can harm calculators, as was once thought could be the case with Utilities (and nobody's really sure if it was or not), knowing the amount of downloads allows for estimating how many devices are affected.
Very nice updates !! I like the "F1 and F2 are available for user customization" thats a very good idea Wink
Can you put the link for the sources (like this link for beta 7
) ?
Can you put a picture of the new ubdates (limit-solving function, new symbols, multiple graph ..) ?
Very nice job !!
Learn to use GitHub. It also automatically generates zips for every release, see . I am not responsible for generating those archives.

I do not have time to take screenshots now, but I have put screenshots for some of the new features some posts ago.
Very nice ! Very Happy
I'm glad to see a new update, I'll get it as soon as possible and try the new functionalities Smile.
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