Hello everyone! As most of you probably know I've been working on a TI-BASIC multitasking shell for about a month now. As of today I have created what I call Beta Build No.1 or BB1 for short. Now here's where I come into a problem. I cannot test all of Fiddle by myself. The main features I need testing are... multitasking programs, the console, and shell extensions. I will release an API in the near future but for now I'm focusing on getting a beta testing team. This is a closed beta so I do ask people do sign up with me first. Please pm me or post in this thread if you want to sign up. The reason this is a closed beta is because I don't want a half working version of Fiddle floating around the "interwebz". Also I can stress this enough, I do not want beta testers sharing the unfinished versions with anyone. Other than signing up with me and not sharing the unfinished versions you can do what you want with it. Thank you and have fun testing!

PS. Please don't post any glitches if you have modified the program.
I would like to beta test when I get back from school.
i would like to beta tst it
Awesome guys! Well what ill need you to do is pm me your emails and I'll send you guys the files. If you guys want to write any programs to test the multitasking features the documentation is on my other thread
HERE. Thanks for showing interest guys!
sure, why not. go ahead and throw me a copy, and ill get back to you with stuff about it.

/me is skeptical of multitasking; TSE was a bit of a failure.
Awesome I have to rewrite the documentation for the new version. But I'll sent you a copy as soon as possible!
I can try it out, as soon as I get my calc back. I've been watching this topic with interest, trying to understand what it is accomplishing. Sounds cool though.
Cool! Awesome, I'll email you the files!
Howdy; as I said in the other topic, I would like to be a beta-tester.
Awesome man that's great we have more beta testers!
I'll gladly beta test and see what i can make it do, and if i can get it to work with some axe programs I'll post anything i make that's notable.
Here are the files for those of you who want to test it.

Fiddle 3.0 Files
I'd like to test Fiddle.
I emailed you the files but they were also in my last post.
Alright. Since they're publicly availible, can I share fiddle with people?
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