...and look in the clearance rack for Staples brand calculator cases, marked down from $7.99 to $4.00, now for a mere $0.50 each!! Zippered case has clear PVC calculator compartment, half-graph, half-lined pad, and pen loop. I got 9 of them for my calculator collection. Smile

>>Case @ Staples.com<<
I got one for free when I bought my calc....
Cool, cool. Well, I thought this was a good deal, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Smile
hmm, too bad Staples is too far a away to be really worth it.
Sad We have one every couple of blocks here.
well, for me, it is like 15 miles (of course, where we are, houses are on three acres for a BARE minimum
from our house its 30 miles to staples....we have 63 acres Smile
wow, lot of land. Oh well, I live on a river, I can go fishing whenever I want.
! 63 acres!! wow...
hmm.. i should go get one..
but is it really worth getting myself out of the couch?
Ah man, I don't know any staples near me. Do you think they sell them at Wal-Mart?
Hmm, .50, times 12 calcs... Very Happy I might go invest in a couple of them...
Jons, I doubt it.
I think if you buy it from Staples online it's still half price from $8.00
Oh, cool. Not let me see if i can remember my dad's credit card number. hmm...
Laughing You haven't posted much lately, Jon, we've missed you.
some of it was that his computer went down (he got a new one though). That is also why I became an admin at his forum.
elfprince13 wrote:
from our house its 30 miles to staples....we have 63 acres Smile
How do you spend time inside?!...I can only dream about having that much land to fool around on....
Yes, I am back. I have been trying to post on topics but then i find out they are like 6 pages long and I don't feel like reading all that. Razz
Laughing Well, welcome back then.
Yeah, I would build a huge miniature railroad on 63 acres...
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