This is neat:

And I highly recommend the article he links to, The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation
DShiznit wrote:
This is neat:

And I highly recommend the article he links to, The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation

I had some friends working on Hall Thrusters this summer at PPPL. Personally I'm rooting to see VASIMR-style thrusters get more use, but in general, plasma thrusters are really cool compared to chemical rockets.
Since I don't think this ever showed up in this thread, and Jonimus and I were marveling at it last night.
@SarcasticRover wrote an interesting article for Time in remembrance of the Spirit rover that I thought y'all might appreciate.

The title was also amusing.
SpaceX is being awesome and schooling NASA at rocket engineering, and also probably going to Mars.

The word "hypergolic" always makes an article come alive Very Happy

The above link is sobering.... In rocket-science terms they simply used a big-guns approach to escape gravity. However they used something akin to a calculator to get them home...
It was truly a modern day wonder and we are still reaping the benefits of the technological advances which were made during that decade...
This is indeed rather cool Very Happy Can't wait to see how far along they manage to take things!
tractor beams. I don't think I need to explain further.
We can finally see the comet where Rosetta is heading!


In other news, this asteroid has rings.
Geez guys, pull your own weight around here.

We've found oceans on enceladus, and a whole host of new outer solar system dwarf planets
Yeah, I need to add more topics to this, sorry.

Apparently they think they found a moon orbiting an exoplanet. If this is the case, this will be a first Very Happy
If you like spaceships, you might want to help out with this:
We found something old and very cold traveling near us:
Seems to me that the whole world will be available (almost) live at our fingertips sooner than later.
xkcd has a really cool representation of our solar system.
And this I think fits in this topic but here goes:

Some freaking cool astrophysics.
lasers, and adaptive optics, and astronomy, oh my

Well, the blackhole bit is kind of cool, the bit about how densely packed that galaxy is is even more so!
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