I am making sigs for anyone who wants me to make one for them, If you see mine you can get an Idea of what alot of my work is like. I always(almost) have a differant sig because every time I have a new project I want it to be differant instead of same all the time. but I like doing it so I want to give anyone me opertunity to let me make them a good quality signature. Not much of a thread but if you want one post and give the what you want on your sig staryting with: (*Required to post about)
-Text position*
-Text color(Default inverted color)
-Text to picture transition
-background primary color*
-background secondary color(White or blaick mostly)
-details to have(Current project, slogins, etc...)
-anything else you can thing of

Cool! If you want, I could probably whip you up a PHP script to make them given that data, or you could talk to Alex10819. I believe he has a PHP script like that in the works.
I'll ask Alex about that or you could make it. That would be cool, if you could just make one that would, like, send the given details to my e-mail or PM me or something, that would be awsome. I have come to expect PHP to be an extremely hard programming language am I correct? Just that I have heard.

Yup, PHP is quite difficult if you're not used to an OOP like Perl/CGI or C.
KermMartian wrote:
Yup, PHP is quite difficult if you're not used to an OOP like Perl/CGI or C.

C isn't OOP Wink
ik. I wasn't saying that it was. Smile I meant that C is like Perl/CGI, and that knowing an OOP helps, especially with things like jaavscript.
KermMartian wrote:
.....uh... Confused ...I forgot what Kerm said.. Neutral ..Never mind just read the post...lol.. Razz

Might you be able to make a thing that takes the information submitted and then sends it to my e-mail or like PM me? That would be better I think. especially since I would like to make them customized for the people who want me to make one for them. That way its not just colored text and colored bg(no offense at all). I will try to make one in HTML but I'll let you know if it does not work. Sorry if I am kinda demanding if you dont want to do it just say, I really dont like putting people on the spot like this(if I am).

Read my PM.
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