GinDiamond wrote:
Yes, there is such an emulator in place:

This requires Ndless, so if you have OS 3.2.4 or later, you are out of luck, for ndless does not support these operating systems.
Tools to convert the roms are included in the downloads.

The link to gpsp is wrong, here's a working one
And there are no tool to convert the ROM since the only thing you have to do is change the extension.
Speaking of the TI 84 Plus CSE getting a gb emulator, has is the progress on the TI 84 Plus CE version coming along?
Asian wrote:
Thanks, this is cool.
So I can't use Gameboy Advance nor Gameboy Color ROMS? I can't find any other ROMS...

You can only play classic Game Boy games. As in, the grayscale ones.
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