425. You know that 418 is the proper HTTP code for making a teapot joke (RFC 2324), but is an affirmative response, rather than a negative response.
426: you question why the emoticon for laughing in cemetech is the word 0x5 replaced and not 0x5

no, really. check the emoticon.
427. You make avatars that criticize the maroon boarder put around avatars
428. You keep thinking of HTTP codes when typing out the numbers in this topic.
429. RFC 6585 Trying to submit too many signs of being a Cemetechian at once.
430. Your homepage for all browsers, both your own computer and anyone's you use, instantly changes to turkeyandghost.com.
431. You fit in everywhere and no where at the same time.
432. Your avatar is able to safely mock the leader of Cemetech.
Okay, have to make a confession:
433. You consume enough power on your calcs that you resort to powering them via USB cable (HP 50g can do this, for instance) as much as possible to save wear and tear on your rechargeable(!) cells. Laughing (Well, not so much saving wear and tear as avoiding the hassle of charging them every 8 to 16 hours of operation!)
434. Your Avatar was requested to be removed and you are now in Avatar limbo.
435: You purposely take the OS off your calc in front of your friends just to show them that you can.
436: ...Then you press [ON] another key, turn your calc back on, and the OS is back!
^I do this.
437: [removed by administrator]
438: You see "E=?" and think "Hmm... Something times 10 to the Xth power."
439: You make wooden calcs.
440: You fanboy[girl] at TI's employes.
441: Your calc has it's own place mat/spot at the dinner table
442: ...Or you ask for another chair for your calc when you go out to eat.
443: You put a leash on your calc so that you don't loose it.
444: You take your calc outside to "Potty"
445: ...Or you have a litter box for your calc.
446: You get a great idea for a program in the middle of the night, but rather than dreaming up the code, you get out of bed (or reach over b/c your calc is in bed with you) and grab your calc and start programming.
447: You make a program that allows you to chat with calc/PC wirelessly.
448: You connect your calc to your PC, and use it as a clock, or RSS feed monitor (Great Idea!) or to display the SAX widget on Cemetech.
449: You brush your teeth with your calc
450: ...Or it brushes YOUR teeth
451: You cry when you were doing something with zStart, and take out the battery, and make it to where the calc doesn't turn on. (I did this)
ordelore wrote:
434. Your Avatar was requested to be removed and you are now in Avatar limbo.

Awww, that's sad. Sad I liked that avatar. Here is a new one for you: Razz
I think I'll use yours and slap a you-know-what on it instead :p.
ordelore wrote:
I think I'll use yours and slap a you-know-what on it instead :p.

Razz Hey man, I don't care; that's funny! I fear my mug would be less valuable than Kerm's though.

453. You think using a picture of a troll as your avatar is funny. (Okay, so that's just me, not Cemetech in general.)
476. when you would rather stay home and program than go on a date. (you do still go on the date though, because you're not that mean)
477: [in direct coralation to #476] you'd rather not be in a relationship, because you prefer to program your calculator(s).
Just threw this together:
478: You are dedicated enough to remember and bump `X Signs You're a Str1` threads.
448: You connect your calc to your PC, and use it [...] to display the SAX widget on Cemetech.

I was doing this for ages before I got my second monitor.

479: You're proud of yourself for having a phone that rings with a ringing sound.
480: Your best friend is nikkybot
481: You had a dream where you lived in a house called DoorsCS with all the other Cemetechians
482. You dedicate most of your time on Cemetech now to talking to nikkybot.
483. You constantly post your conversations with nikkybot in a thread, not caring if anyone reads it.
484. You change your avatar, title, and location based on fights with nikkybot.
485. After setting turkeyandghost.com as your homepage, you get sad that there are no more new comics.
486. When in doubt, blame comic.
487. you spent so much time on cemetech, you had to take a brief hiatus to stabilize school/work/else.

488. you realize during your brief hiatus that your idea of a vacation is to sit at your computer, calc in hand, and just talk with your cemetechian family.
489: You have been commended as the "guy with...uh...Flippy Bards on his little calculator thingy". (true story)
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