Kerm, how come keeps going on and off the net? some days it gives me your custom 404 message, somedays its there? and why are most of the nav-links missing?

also, maybe you should make a custom directory listing for the FTP site, for people who just want to browse with HTTP
! Wtf? What do you mean you get a 404? Froody/CDI reported something like that earlier today, and I believe I fixed it. Tell me if it happens again.
will do.
This would indicate to me that it hasn't happened again yet?
not recently, but it had been acting really funky. Just doing all these random things on different days
That's really weird. You don't remember anything mnore specific about it? Sad
sometimes it would redirect to Cemetech Index. somethimes it would should a custom, Cemetech 404 message. sometimes it would show a normal 404.
I know where the custom 404 was coming from; I corrected that. Not sure about the other two... Shock
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