Very Happy
Looks like DCS is pretty close to a lot of that...
of course, you use a mouse, and he said to not to, but oh well
Shock Woops, missed that part. Well, I like it. Smile
you are very close to every thing else though
Yeah, which is pretty cool considering I've never seen it before. Smile
I think it would be nice to have the string parser in there
String parser? You mean the ability to recognize and display variables?
6. STRING VIEWER AND EDITOR. (This is what the Notepad program is for) The GUI should have the ability to view strings in a window in menu-text and provide the ability to edit the string or create a new string with menu-text. There would also be formatting characters like the new-line character. With icons added to the strings you could personalize them, like make help files, etc.
rivereye wrote:
of course, you use a mouse, and he said to not to, but oh well

Yes, I totally agree with him that a mouse is not very useful on a calc.
You mean a mouse cursor interface or a real mouse?
KermMartian wrote:
You mean a mouse cursor interface or a real mouse?

I'd say both. Mouse interfaces aren't exactly compatible with calc design.
So do you think I should offer an alternative in DCS?! Wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of DCS as a more user-friendly, compish shell?
If it can be made to toggle between mouse and MOS-like modes that would be nice.
Could you explain how a mouse would be more user friendly? I would think that having to hold an arrow key for 2 seconds to move to a program icon would be more frustrating than simply double-pressing a key. Computer interfaces work well with mice because it is easy to move the cursor quickly and to do so only requires one quick movement. However, such is not possible on a calc without using a complex array of keys to jump pixels. Granted, the mouse interface is unique to calcs, and I will download DCS for its other features, but I would prefer that it can be at least toggled.
I like that idea
Two options:


'Square cursor', sorta highlights the progs or something?
Hmm, I'll certainly consider. I'm trying to make some kind of CMS for, so I'll try to make a feature tracker along with a bug tracker.
The page is starting to look nice, though the table piece above the Cemetech logo is kinda distracting...

You did read my suggestion, right?
Well Heres an idea if you want one is when it cant open a file to disp "CANT OPEN *" insted of chrashing
* reasion
That wouldn't be bad.
might have saved my calc
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