So I was giving some thought to this, and there really needs to be a complete Star Trek game for the CSE. Now with more powerful libraries and the availability of colors, a good Star Trek game could easily come into existence.

I was thinking about a way to create the map, and realized that giving players a map based on matrices would eat up a great deal of memory very quickly. So, I've decided on another approach.

The map will be either a 500 or 1000 'point' board. Meaning, there are two variables that keep tabs on the location of your ship in a given area. I just haven't decided how large the playing field should be yet. Various power levels to impulse would move you to/through different points at different speeds (say half impulse would move you along from point to point immediately, full impulse would be moving 2 points at a time, etc) Using the 1000 point board would give me the ability to use warp engines, and make it so you have to find your enemy. Using the point system, I could easily set it so once you reach within 15ish points of the border, it warns you to turn back. If you hit the border, your ship explodes.

I haven't decided on top-down view, or from behind the ship view yet. Top down I think might be easiest.

This topic is mostly posted for me to generate more ideas for myself, and not lose them. I'll also have to take time to generate some sprites, and learn the hybrid commands better before I can jump into this project. Plus, I want to finish BTetris before I get too serious with this project.

The overall idea for this game is a 'hunt your enemy down and destroy it'. You'll be able to choose what ship you have, and what ship your enemy has. I'm thinking about including ships from all eras of Star Trek, to give some real flavor and variety to things Smile

Expect edits to this post, or new posts, as I have more ideas I iron out.
behind-the-ship camera angle, please. How can you win the Wrath of Khan nebula battle if you and Khan both think in 2D?
Well, you won't be able to move in full 3D. :p That would add levels of complications to my code that I'm just not able to do in BASIC and with this kind of platform.
I think this would be a great idea Good Idea
Sounds awesome! behind the ship would be cool, but I think it would be more practical to have a top down view.
I recall a fun game for the 68k calcs called Space Dementia.
Perhaps contacting the author could shed light on the true 3D process.
Pray he may still have the TIGCC source.

This is by no means meant to be 3D lol

This is just an evolution of which I never really finished.
This is a cool idea tifreak8x - a well thought out Star Trek game could look boss on the 84+CSE! Smile
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