Yesterday i finished my ti-programm "Watch". (I will publish this soon)
So because i always want to have a new challenge everytime when I programm something new, I started to think about what could be very cool and also very difficult to programm.
And then I got it.
I want to make a TI-Basic based Chat-programm, because I really want to learn programming skills in linking calcs.
I heard that it is very difficult to programm such a programm.
I've done some research in the Internet and i found 3 Commands in TI-Basic, which you can use for transfaring data.
1. GetCalc(
2. Get(
3. Send(
So I tested all that commands, by linking my calc with my classmates one. The GetCalc( Command worked perfectly fine.
But then I tried Get( and Send( and they doesn't work Sad
I tried to fix the problem but I can't find it. The problem is, that the Command takes 2-3 seconds to perform.
For example.
1. I made
on Calc 1
2. Link both TI-84 Plus calcs via USB

on Calc 1

on Calc 2
Both doesn't work. It takes 4 seconds. And then I checked if the value on the other calc changed nothing happend. The strange thing is, that the GetCalc( Command works prefectly.
So I really want to learn something about these things, so I would be very happy if some of you can help me.
Thank You Wink

Marco Kolb

P.S.: Sry if i did some mistakes, I'm German and my English Grammar isn't the best Wink
Get( and Send( aren't for use with other calculators. They're meant to be used to read data from or send commands to certain devices that can be connected via the I/O port. GetCalc( is the only command in BASIC that allows you to communicate with another calculator (which is unfortunate, because it's very limited in its abilities). Still, you can write a chat program with it, though the way it works means the program will have some annoying shortcomings.
Ok, Thank you.
I will try to do that by using the GetCalc( Command.
I found an article on tibasicdev.wikidot.com where they describe how to make all that possible.
It's really interesting but difficult to understand for me. I hope that I will understand that soon... Smile
GetCalc( is not too difficult in terms of what it can do (simply get a variable from a remote calculator when that calculator is Paused). However, using it to make a two-player game can be very challenging. I recommend that you experiment with it and have fun, but also keep in mind that Geekboy and I are working on exposing TI-BASIC access to CALCnet2.2 for the upcoming versions of Doors CS, so you may also want to play with that when it becomes available.
KermMartian wrote:
GetCalc( is not too difficult in terms of what it can do (simply get a variable from a remote calculator when that calculator is Paused).

To add to that, it also works when the remote calculator is waiting for input from an Input or Prompt command. The difficulty stems from having to make sure the remote calculator is in that state--you can't get a variable while the remote calc is doing anything.
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