Anyone who knows me sufficiently well knows I get myself into all kinds of odd projects. Well, one of them is proving hard to research.

For a while, I've been interested in enabling some of my college friends to keep in touch with me without using social networking, and without me having to tell all of them everything I am doing individually. This could be a private blog, or it could be an encrypted mailing list. I'm not sure which is easier, but I can't find any sort of mailing list software that advertises SMIME or PGP support.

Assuming I went with some sort of web app, one thing I want to have is SSL Client Certificate authentication. Before anyone asks why I want it that way, yes a username/password system would be easier, but that's hackish and there are so many details that could go wrong so easily. I've already found out how to make Apache authenticate users, but I'm sure there's a different way of handling it such that the user can actually be used by the web app (IE, for some sort of commenting system). The big sticking point I've found is that I can't figure out how to install a certificate in the client. StartCom does it, so it must be possible, but I don't want to outsource to them because their site is not intuitive.

So, my main questions are:

-Does anyone know of a mailing list that supports SMIME or PGP encryption, including sending encrypted messages?

-Does anyone know of a blog program that supports client certificate authentication?

-Does anyone know how to install a server-generated certificate into a browser?

Thanks in advance.
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