I've been using the default typeface in Lightroom to watermark my photos for a long while now. I've been experimenting over the years to step into a more graphical and recognizable approach into watermarking.

I'm pretty fond of the whole subtle single line watermark in the corner idea, so it may be pretty hard to create a great graphical alternative. However, all is not lost. Even if I don't like any of the submissions. I'll still be choosing one. The chosen submission will still receive payment but it will only be burned (or bleached) into my iPad Smart Cover.

I'm not sure when the deadline will be but I'm posting this here, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I'd like to close it off at the end of June but I'd also like to get around ten submissions. So, which ever comes later I suppose.

I'll give it a try, but I'm not really very good at drawing vectors freehand; I like tracing a lot more. Could you give us more guidelines?

Something simple enough to make a stencil from would be awesome as cutting out thin curvy lines with an exacto knife isn't my idea of fun (for the fire burning of the logo). Keep it two tone or send a color and black & white version, no gray. Since its hard to 50% burn/bleach something.

I can't think of anything else, :/
I'd like to participate. Smile What's the deadline for this? Also, what sort of software do you recommend we use to create the vector art?
Something that can save as an SVG would be ideal, the source file would be a bonus.

The deadline is end of June or whenever I get enough files to judge (ten or more), whichever comes later.
comicIDIOT wrote:
Something that can save as an SVG would be ideal, the source file would be a bonus.

The deadline is end of June or whenever I get enough files to judge (ten or more), whichever comes later.
Fair enough, thanks for the clarifications. If GIMP can't do the job for me, I'll just whip out Inkscape.
Can we send multiple edits? I have a version ready that I think is pretty good but I would like to be able to edit it later and send you those versions as well.
You can! Multiple versions, edits or new submissions altogether.

Kerm, if you save the file large enough I'm sure a vector file isn't important. Such as 5000x5000 at 400DPI. If I need a copy of this larger than 1000 pixels, there's something wrong. Haha
I submitted my entry. Smile
Got it! I like what you did with the A!

I've received a few submissions and I've had a few moments to reflect on them. I started this contest without knowing what I want but I think I'd get more submissions if I narrow down what I'm looking for by posting what I've gathered from the current submissions and the last few days. As well as provide (textual) examples.

  • Nothing super busy. I have no easy way of transferring the finished graphic to my iPad Smart Cover, so I'll be cutting it out by hand and using the cutout as a stencil.
  • Also, this isn't going to be printed on the smart cover, so gradients and small details are out of the picture.
  • It's a watermark, not a distraction. Currently, I have just my name in the corner of my photos. I've played with other ideas before with minimal success.
    (One) (Two) (Three)
  • There can be two versions, a version for images and a version for the Smart Cover. The version for the image can be a bit more detailed than the Smart Cover, but the smart cover version must be two tone black and white.
  • You don't have to restrict yourself to "Alex Glanville." You can use Initials: AG, A, G, A Glanville, Alex G.
  • Again, two version is okay. A banner for the image and square of the smart cover. If you want.
  • Something simple is a must. It can't distract the viewer it must be seen.
  • A stern yet provocative type face/style is preferred. Link any fonts or typeface's in the source you send and I'll buy the font if I choose your entry. If it's free for commercial use, that's cool but I'll still need the .ttf or whatever font file you use.
  • Something that I can neatly tuck into a corner would be cool but it may be a bit cliché.

Ask any questions you want (on forum, in a PM or any other means) that can help you design the name logo. If you can tie it to photography that'd be amazing but ideally this name logo would be used out side photography as well.
Any updates?
No, I still have three entries. Not nearly enough to adequately judge/choose.
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