adept wrote:
How does it call into MirageOS???
Prwtty easily. It creates a short section of code in RAM that runs, swaps Flash pages so that MirageOS is in Flash Bank 1 instead of MSD8x, then calls MirageOS's RunProg call. Doors CS has a RunProg call with full compatibility (plus all the DCS features, of course), so you'd just need to replace the string "MirageOS" with "DoorsCS7" in MSD8x.
DocDe works very well when I type in English, but there are a few problems that prevent me from using it when writing in Swedish.

1. The three Swedish letters that I need (å, ä and ö) can only be accessed from the special characters menu. Would it be possible to let the user map unused keys to letters that are commonly used in their language, so that they may be accessed easily?

2. Does å even exist in TI-ASCII? The character I use as an å might actually be an â... It's hard too see which one it is, and the font used on the special character screen is different from the one used in the actual editor. Also, there isn't any space between the rows of letters on the special character screen, so that makes things even harder to see.

3. The txt to 8xp converter (I haven't tried 8xp to txt yet) removes all å's, ä's and ö's from the output. This is actually my main problem.
I have an idea for a new version: Tabbed files Smile This seems quite hard to code, though.
JosJuice: I have upgraded the converter to properly process almost all the international characters. There is indeed no å in TI-SCII, only â. Sorry that the symbols window is so cramped; it was the only way to fit everything in. As far as the key mapping, that would be very very challenging, but I'll take it under advisement for future DCS versions.

Scout: What do you mean by that?
I mean >1 file opened in the screen, separated by tanbs, as in, let's say Tokens or browsers.
ScoutDavid wrote:
I mean >1 file opened in the screen, separated by tanbs, as in, let's say Tokens or browsers.
Ah, I see. Is it that hard to just go to Open when you want to switch documents? Document DE even does all the saving and closing automatically for you...

Also, JosJuice, you pointed out correctly on SAX that I only did the 8xp->txt direction. I will amend that to also do the txt->8xp direction soon.
I have a suggestion to make it (i my oppinion) better. There is always lowercase activated, acept while you press alpha there is Caps activated and while you press 2nd the numbers are activated. It would be much faster to type then things.
Sorunome, it might be faster for some people, but I've found that once you get used to the three different character sets (A, a, 1), you can type quite quickly. Also, this is actually a Doors CS suggestion, because Doors CS handles all the actual typing.
ok, was just a suggestion., thought
Sorunome wrote:
ok, was just a suggestion., thought
And it's a good suggestion, but it's such a fundamental piece of the way that Doors CS and Document DE handle typing that I'm hesitant to consider changing it for fear of confusing the current users.
There is a bug that happened a few times to me: When I edited a program, view a file with documentDE (by clicking on the file), scroll a few lines (last time this happened I scrolled to the bottom), and witouth editing anything, click on the cross to quit (don't save). Then the program I edited before it is sometimes gone. I use the latest version of DCS and OS 2.55MP.
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