Somebody else must surely play minetest, by celeron55?
I do, and happy b-day!
I do not; I love/hate Minecraft too much. I love it because I love making huge machines with complex circuits. On the other hand, I hate it for being such a time sink and therefore such an unproductive waste of real-world time. Smile
Don't hate on Minecraft! its actually quite nice and helps inspire people like me. More importantly, its easy to practice Java skills with in terms of mods and plugins for servers. So there is some benefit to it...
Absolutely, the Java-ness of it is good for modders. I maintain that Java was a poor choice for the game in general though, since it's slow and memory-hungry. Then again, I'm not a fan of Java for anything. What sort of mods (if any) have you made, bspymaster?
I have not been able to do a whole lot recently because of school, but I am taking Java courses to learn some of the tricks of the language, and me and my friends are working on mods and plugins a bit right now. We hope to be able to do a lot more over the summer. I'm helping my friend set up a server. One of the plugins we are working on will allow any client to connect to the server. Not just the same version, which will be hard, but it sounds feasible from the research I've done. Now that I'm done boasting, has anyone else done anything with minecraft in terms of mods or plugins?
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