I have my eye on a dedicated server for one of my school projects which centers around secure offsite backup and so I could really use the space offered by a dedicated rather than my current VPS. The issue is that I can't come up with the money for a server alone and since it comes with a ton of storage and RAID1 SAN storage is available on the cheap for it I am looking for tenants for cheap storage to help pay for the server which somes in at about $100/month plus any storage I add. I think that if I can sell 900-1500GB of its storage I can get the money and I know that bandwidth is not an issue as it is on an unmetered 100Mbit/s port though I'm not sure if the network can support the full 100, I know I can pull at least 30 on my VPS so I imagine at least 40-60 can be pulled from there but probably the full 100. I think I can sell small quantities around 15 cents/GB with free bandwidth and if you know anyone who could use a lot (like 150GB+) I think I can do 10 cents/GB with free bandwidth. I can make it CIFS/Samba/FTP storage for sure and I'm looking into adding Rsync, sftp, scp, and webdav. Does anyone know anybody that could use this, I have the capability to accept credit cards through google checkout but I'm kindof stuck on getting the money I need for this server. I could probably also host websites on it if anyone knows someone who needs that or is looking for a new host. It is a pretty powerful server with (2) Xeon 3.0ghz CPUs and 3GB RAM. If anyone knows anyone that could help me with this please let me know. I am hoping that selling some of the space will help me cover costs and let me go full out for my school project with a good machine to test with. My school project is probably going to be a backup management system for backing up clients to a server on the LAN, then making encrypted differential backups of that copy and uploading them to an offsite server.

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