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Letter Draw This program is a simple drawing program where you can change the tool and color easily. It is not very complicated and has a very simple saving saving future. More info in the readme. Note: There are some parts in the screenshot that don't appear. They are fully working in th… 636
Cat Nipper This is my Contest 13 entry. The object of the game is to collect 90% of catnip before time runs out. There is 2 different game modes: Graph Screen and Home Screen 661 1/10
CaterPiCSE: Caticle Chronicles Part I In this installment, the cats are attacked my caterites, or cat pirates, and you must shoot them down to destroy them, in increasingly harder difficulties. See the readme for more information like the storyline and technical stuff. UPDATE: Removed status bar areas, now req… 447
Whack-A-Color CodeWalrus 4x3 contest So this is my CodeWalrus contest entry. Have fun with it! Info in readme. 526
Game of Pig This is Game of pig, a dice game never before seen on the TI 84+ CSE! It features two gamemodes, singleplayer and multiplayer, and an intelligent AI to go with the former! And to make your day even more special, it has an amazing opening animations, featuring pigs, and inverted … 509
Nagoji CSE You must play the part of the Ninja (Ninja-go) and deke all of the obstacles. This version includes highscores, crazy colors, and even a preview on the menu! This will only work on the TI 84+ CSE. More levels will come. Eventually. HAVE FUN! 415
CaterPiCE: Caticle Chronicles Part I In this installment, the cats are attacked my caterites, or cat pirates, and you must shoot them down to destroy them, in increasingly harder difficulties. Requires libtext. The status bar IS there despite what the screenshot shows. 1090
SwipeCE - A Swipe Arrows Port This is SwipeCE, a port of SwipeArrows on IOS and Android. With color, this is a great game for the quick handed. Test your skills and see if you can get a highscore better than 50! More Gamemodes to come! Check it out! 3393
StackerCE - Stacker for the TI 84+ CE Have you ever played the timeless game Stacker on your Phone, or at an arcade? Well, now you can with the all new StackerCE! Now with blackboard style sprites, original sprites, customizable colors, and an all new menu, this game is really popping! With even an Endless Mode, thi… 8107 9/10
Don't Touch the Color - A Don't Touch the Spikes Spinoff Have you ever played the game "Don't touch the spikes" on your phone? If you enjoyed it, well you are in luck! The game's basic principle has been ported in this game, but instead of spikes to avoid, you want to avoid different colors. With high-scores already, currency and unlo… 8024 9/10
BBCtoWiki - A BBCode to Wiki Markup Converter Have you ever needed to take a forum post and type it p on a wiki? It was always a pain to change up the formatting to make things presentable. A converter would be very helpful. Well, now there is a converter, written in Ruby and available for OSX, Windows, and Linux. Enjoy! 495
Switch Operator [CC17] This is a reaction based game, where you have to react quickly enough to let trains through switches. As you let trains through, the speed escalates and you start needed to let more than 1 train through at a time. You can also play a campaign mode. The campaign mode features a c… 3482 9.3/10
AspirinCE AspirinCE is a fun reaction game with three levels and 3 different highscores. If you enjoy dodging lines and picking up points, this game is for you! With increasingly hard difficulties and super competitive highscores, this game is quite addicting! Download the program and tes… 2523 9.5/10


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