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Slotmachine A testing program i made to use as my first file upload, i programmed it in a little less than 2 hours. It's a very simple slot machine using lists in a new way i found and i decided it was decent enough to upload. The game is simple and based on chance and easy to change the pr… 355
Modes Clock This is an analog and digital clock that uses the time that your calculator is set to. The current two modes take a little while to load but soon one of them won't. There will be an extra added mode before too long. The modes right now are regular colors and inverted colors. I w… 521
BasicSnake A classic arcade game that has been reproduced many times on the calculator. Everyone i have talked to have said things about using Eulers number, whatever that is. I couldn't seem to figure out what it was so i came up with my own way to create snake using lists to store the pl… 1133


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